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Uhtred having a career year as the bears powered by a dominant group of dmen


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Uhtred is having a career year in his third season in the VHL.  In 56 games this season Uhtred has 31 goals and 38  assists for a total of 69 points which would make nfl superstar Rob Gronkowski very happy.   Coming into the season Uhtred had a career point total of 81 points in his 2 seasons in the VHL and he has a shot to beat that this season.  With 69 points in 56 games Uhtred is on pace for about 89 points which would more than match his first two season point total.  Not only is Uhtred having a great season but so are his bears teammates.  The bears currently are at the top of the north American conference and they just trail Helsinki by 2 points who are atop the VHL standings. The bears defeated Helsinki 5-2 in their last game. The bears are currently the highest scoring team in the vhl and are powered by a strong blue line and powerplay.  There are currently three bears defensemen in the top 10 d scoring, sundqvist, hogan and omandahl.  Those blue liners have powered the bears to a  league leading deadly powerplay that has a 26.07% success rate.  The trio sit 1,3 and 4 in powerplay goals and are a major reason the bears are the top team in North America and second overall. 


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