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Eagles misses practice


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For the first time in his career, Greg Eagles missed practice and TPE earning potential. No one knows why this happened so we reached out to Greg to see what was going on.


" Well, I been in this league for so long, going to prac every day where last week I just needed a break. I needed a day for myself " Said Greg " I think a break was needed so that I can be at the top of my game. I have been putting in so much into this league and I think a one week break was warranted"

It seems like it was as since taking a break from Practice Greg has posted 2 shutouts and has seemed to play a lot better then before. We hope that Greg is refreshed enough to lead Riga to another cup finals and go back to back.

Riga is currently sitting in 2nd in the European conference and should be a shoe in to the playoffs. If they make the playoffs they will set a league record for most consecutive playoffs made.


" It's a great record to have, I know I haven't been here for all those appearances but I am doing my part to help set this record" Eagles said before exiting the interview

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