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Wolf Weiss Junior Review


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TSKHH1u.jpg      (Wolf pictured with team Austria IIHF 2016)




   Wolf Weiss has just recently entered the VHLM with his signing on the Mexico City Kings and subsequent trade to the Ottawa Lynx. Now currently contenting for a cup, one would one would assume that this is a huge step for the young forward. This would typically be the case however, Wiess is no stranger to the spotlight. Before joining the VHLM Wolf played youth hockey in his home country of Austria. As soon as he turned 18 he was offered a contract with EC Redbull Salzburg in the EBEL.


                         International Stage


   Wolf's 18th birthday would be a momentous one, as he just made the cutoff to play in the IIHF World Championship in 2018. He was selected to do just that, becoming the youngest player on the team. Unfortunately Austria saw little success playing against teams such as Sweden, Russia, Czech Republic, and Switzerland. Therefore they were subsequently elimated from their bracket after placing 7th in their group. However Weiss was a bright spot in an otherwise dreary outing and his outstanding play in these games was enough to warrant an extension with EC Redbull Salzburg, not to mention the attention of the NHL. 


                        NHL Comes Knocking


    Following his success on the international stage, Wolf was entered into the 2019 NHL draft. From the get-go Wiess made it very clear that he would only sign with a team if he got to play with one of his IIHF teammates in Grabner or Raffl. Unfortunately it was around this time Wolf tragically sustained an injury to his knee. This caused him not only to miss the combine but the draft itself. As you can probably already guessed the combination of stubbornness and the potential of Weiss being injury prone caused GM's to pass on him, leaving him undrafted. While most may have been deterred as this point Wolf decided to grow from it and returned to his team in Salzburg.




   Upon returning to EBEL for the 2020 season Wolf was determined to make a name for himself and live up to the potential he previously showed. In the shortened season Wolf managed to put up 60 points in just 48 games. Weiss's excellent play helped secure Redbull Salzburg a spot in the CHL. This caught the attention of motzaburger, the now former GM of the Mexico City Kings and Wolf was offered a contract to play the rest of the season with them. Seeing this as an opportunity to make his way into the VHL Wolf gladly accepted. Tremendously Wolf was able to carry over his high levels of production to the new league so far scoring 81 points in 60 games. This level of play should guarantee a high position in next seasons draft. For Wolf this is just the beginning.



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