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List of Grievances Against Josh


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1) Josh is the main culprit behind taking away chat. Did you know that chat costs the VHL around $100 a year to operate? That may seem like a lot of money in a vacuum, but considering how large our league is and how many people donate that money is nothing. Many of the VHLs finest members including myself and Victor use chat, and without it I am afraid we will return to cave man times unable to communicate without going ooga booga booga


2) Josh posts the trivia results so stupidly early. Sunday is always my day to get done all of my tpe earning opportunities, and I used to do trivia at like 11 PM. Josh started posting trivia at like 8 or 9 PM and I grumbled but I adjusted. Now he is just screwing me out of tpe personally based on some kind of vendetta against all things chat related and posting it at like 2 PM. I would wager Josh has personally cost me around 20 tpe over the past calendar year. 

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