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S73 Season Review Rhynex Entertainment

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This week, we have a S73 season review of VHLM rookie, Rhynex Entertainment @Rhynex Entertainment


Rhynex Entertainment plays for the Las Vegas Aces. Just finished his first year in the VHLM, the young Center has a promising career ahead of him! Rhynex Entertainment was drafted 55th overall in the S73 draft by the Mississauga Hounds. He was traded to the Las Vegas Aces a few moments after being drafted. Entertainment is a 6'0'' 176 lbs Center. At the young age of 16, Entertainment showed incredible poise in his first season in the VHLM.


Rhynex Entertainment showed incredible poise in the face-off circle throughout the season, and quickly became the Las Vegas Aces' go to forward. Entertainment played a team high for forwards, averaging 25.74 minutes per game and winning team best 57.32% of his face-offs , taking 2336 face-offs. Entertainment had a remarkable offensive season finishing with a 0.73 points per 20 minutes rating, and was named to the 3 stars selection 11 times.


Number of time players was star #1 in a game Number of time players was star #2 in a game Number of time players was star #3 in a game
2 4 5


While not exactly thought to be a tough cookie, Entertainment is shown to be steady on his feet and is someone who won't back down. Entertainment finished with the team high of Hits Received with 256 and gave out 147 hits himself, which he leads the team. Entertainment was also involved in one fight, which ended in a draw. This kid can take quite a punishment!


Hitting and getting hit, and winning face-offs are not the only thing Rhynex Entertainment does. Rhynex Entertainment is a crucial piece to the Las Vegas Aces' offence and defence. Entertainment finished S73 with 19 goals 49 assists and 68 points. Entertainment was also a + 21 for the season. While Plus Minus is not a reliable stat, it shows he is at least on the ice more often when the team scores. 68 points gives Rhynex Entertainment 3rd in team player points. Entertainment is 2nd in team assists and 4th in team power play points with 22 (6 PPG and 16 PPA). Rhynex Entertainment also have 5 (1PKG 4 PKA) shorthanded points for the season, which places him 2nd to only his penalty kill partner Onde Sandstrom @fonziGG who scored an amazing 6 shorthanded goals! We can only assume Rhynex Entertainment assisted on 4 of those goals!


With such an entertaining rookie season, we got to look forward to the Post Season! Look out S73 VHLM Playoffs Fantasy Bracket! We might have a dark horse player to earn you some decent points!


Games Played Goals Assists Points Plus/Minus Penalty Minutes Minutes Played Average Minutes Played per Game
72 19 49 68 21 61 1853 25.74
Major Penalty Minutes Hits Hits Received Shots Own Shots Block Own Shots Miss Shooting Percentage Shots Blocked
5 147 256 212 62 162 8.96% 11
Power Play Goals Power Play Assists Power Play Points Power Play Shots Power Play Minutes Played
6 16 22 65 265
Short Handed Goals Short Handed Assists Short Handed Points Short Handed Shots Short Handed Minutes Played
1 4 5 7 249





(total word count: 412)

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