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Hello everybody! How has everyone been lately? I hope everyone is safe and doing well at their respective locations. I’m Amy Shi bringing you some insider information of the VHLM this time on the Hockey Express. Today, I have agent Blazzer and player Lee Xin. It’s a rare occasion that we have both parties here with us so let’s get on with it!


How would you evaluate Lee’s performance for his first full season here?

Well, I started off pretty hot for a rookie then things started to mellow down a lot. We (agent and player) communicated a lot even though we live very far away during this time. I was definitely not feeling it initially but as time went by, I just focused on getting better.

He has a rather rounded playing style so that’s not his best edge being in the VHL. Everyone is either a sniper or a playmaker but he’s a two way forward with a lethal shot and great playmaking skills. GM’s love players that are stronger on one of the skills but he’s good at both, so we’ll see how that’s accepted here.


Have expectations been met this season?

I don’t set expectations for my clients. They are totally in control of what they do with their careers, I’m just an advisor to help them get hold of contracts and what’s best for them. But he’s doing good as a rookie and he’ll be a beast next season.

I have set a high expectation for myself only to let be lowered through the season. I think Amy with the previous interview, we discussed about the ‘slump’ and how I just adjusted. It’s the same. You know, you’ve just gotta keep your mind moving forward.


This is mainly addressed to Blazzer but Lee has mentioned that he’s disappointed about his ‘slump’ at the end of the season? What are your thoughts?

Ah that slump, it’s a regular conversation during the season. He’s quite disappointed I must say. I’ve never seen him hold on to something this long so this must be getting to him. He lost quite a lot of playing time which resulted in lower production on ice but I think he’s still doing ok. Maybe it’s the chemistry between his linemates, passes not connecting, pucks not ending up at the back of the net and etc but this will pass and he knows it. So I’m not too worried about this ‘slump’ if that’s what you’ll call it.

Thanks buddy…



Ottawa has just been eliminated from the playoffs. What’s the plan during the off season?

Heart breaking for a young team to exit so early. They had a strong season and deep forward lines so  I’m kinda shocked. But they are young and it’s the minors so they show a lot of potential. For Lee, it’s back to work after a few days break. He will be on vacation with his family but after that it’s work. On and off ice trainings to improve.

Yeah, I’ve planned a little vacay with my family since I’ve been spending less time with them. Going to Vancouver for a week. Maybe I could drop by the Wolve’s arena and take a look. But after all the fun, it’s back to training in Hamilton. Got some training set up in Toronto, London etc to keep the fitness level there.


Have any teams ‘interviewed’ you for the upcoming draft?

I can’t tell much here since I’m not too sure about the situation myself, maybe Blazzer will know? “ Ya know anything?” Heard around the league that D-men are what the GM’s are looking for thus I’m a little unsure. But I have a team that approached, NYA. A great team but the AGM texted me so I don’t know if they are a 100% serious. Either way, draft hype is crazy right now!

Erm… We will see how things are closer to the draft day, no rush. If there’s no one specific team with significant interest then it’s really random. I published an article about some destinations that Lee will love to be as a little pointer. But I’ve learned that you might not get drafted by teams that have approached you so I’m not thinking too much about this.


2 interviews in a week is certainly a treat huh... Until next time, see yah! 

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