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VHL 40 in 40


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This forum contains articles written by Zero (First 20), Kyle (23), Victor (21-22, 24-38, 40), and sterling (39). They detail the history of the league from Season 1 until Season 40. More editions will likely be written after Season 50. Please read these articles at your leisure to help understand the history of this great league.



Zero: 0-20

Victor: 21-22, 24-38, 40

Kyle: 23

Sterling: 39

Detailed list of articles:

1. Limbo - about the beginnings of the VHL

2. Faceless Man - the story of Scott Anderson

3. The Freak Draft - the Season 18 VHL Entry Draft, arguably the league's greatest

4. Internationals - a World Cup history and analysis up to S20

5. Finally Recognized - about long-time Hall of Fame snub David Night

6. Bad Decisions - the story of a turbulent start for S1 first overall pick Robert Sharpe

7. The Triple Threat Match - the first three back-to-back champions, S2-S3 Calgary, S4-S5 Seattle, S18-S19 Calgary

8. The "Competition" - a look at other hockey sim leagues, including a young SHL

9. What Could Have Been - the story of an early great, Brett Slobodzian

10. The Shortbus - the infamous S7-S9 New York Americans

11. Voices - a history of podcasts up to S20

12. The Can't Miss Kids - a selection of draft busts from the VHL's first 20 seasons

13. Cats and Dogs - the heated rivalry between Riga and Davos in Season 11

14. Buried Treasure - inspiration story of some early draft steals, including Zach Arce and Jardy Bunclewirth

15. Little League - a history of the VHLM up to S20

16. The Famine - Vasteras' long post-S1 cup drought

17. The Issues - a history of the VHL Magazine up to S20

18. Under-Appreciated: the story of the infamous Chris Julien

19. I am Sam - a look at some of the great General Managers up to S20

20. Re-Opening the Case - the debate on the greatest VHL player of all-time

21. Minor Makeover - analysing the VHLM changes brought in for S20

22. Dynasties - a look at the S19-S25 Toronto and Davos dynasties

23. Cats and Dogs Redux - rivalries of the VHL's "twenties", including Seattle vs Toronto, Helsinki vs Davos, and Seattle vs New York

24. The Guardian - a goaltending history up to S30

25. Barring None - the story of the enigmatic Nick Barretta

26. Heavy Reign - Riga's cup drought after S16

27. End of the Curses(s) - Vasteras' first cup in 25 seasons

28. Buffalo Bills - a look at New York's four straight finals losses from S25 to S28

29. Swinging Both Ways - a history of two-way forwards up to S30

30. Evolution - a look at VHL's development up to S32

31. The Three-Headed Goalie - the battle between S31 goaltenders Tuomas Tukio, Remy LeBeau, and Skylar Rift

32. Eleven - New York's record-setting eleven straight playoff seasons (S24-S34)

33. Young Blood - the rising art of recruitment

34. Causing a Rift - looking back at a controversial off-season before S34

35. Marathon - notable playoff races in Seasons 36 and 37

36. Dynasties v2 - a look at Toronto and Davos' three straight finals (S36-S38)

37. Mediocrity - the long-term struggles of Vasteras and Seattle

38. It's That Time Again - re-opening the debate on the greatest VHL player of all-time

39. Roll with the Changes - a look at the VHL's development up to S44

40. Expanding Horizons - looking back at expansion 14 seasons later

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