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Reapers holding steady


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The Philadelphia Reapers had modest expectations coming into Season 74 and so far they are a middle of the pack team that keeps on improving. They could be a dark horse come playoff time as they have 22 points in 22 games. They are just 2 points behind the Ottawa Lynx who are 3rd in their division. The Reapers are beomcing a well rounded team with mainstay Richard Fizwell leading the way on defense, now entering his 4th VHLM season. Carson Walkers and Darius Marimoto are the leaders on offense with Ernie King, Kuisma Aki and Thomas King providing depth. SAZ is coming into his own as a shutdown defenseman with limited offensive skills. Jacob Carson is a very good goaltender who the Reapers look to lean on a lot in the coming season and hopefully playoffs.


Darius Marimoto and Richard Fizwell lead the way in points with 22 and 21 respectively. Fizwell and Walkers provide the muscle so far with 114 and 81 hits. Fizwell and Rockwall are the walls on defense with 39 and 31 shots blockd between them. Marimoto and King are the goal scorers with 10 and 9 goals. Fizwell and SAZ are the penalty minute kings with 54 and 38. Overall, it looks like Richard Fizwell is the team MVP so far.


Jacob Carson needs to improve just a bit more and the Reapers could be better as his 0.874 save percentage isn't that great at all but his 2.92 G.A.A isn't bad, although it could be better. If Carson can improve to at least .890 to .900 the Reapers would be more than capable enough to make some noise.

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