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Hype for the draft

Jérémy Louchard

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Not a long time since I’ve been in the game and I already want to be a top pick at the next s75 VHL draft.  I love playing for Mexico in the VHLM, my teammates are really helpful and kind.  I’m new to this site and I have a lot of questions for them... They answered all!  Our team is in a good spot right now to make the playoff and I think the playoff will be really important for my draft.  Right now I’m playing on the same duo with my friend Zachary Sirois.  In two games I already have 1pass and a +3 differential.  He has 2passes and also a +3 differential.  We will try to convince a VHL GM to draft both of us in the same team but we know it’s going to be hard for them... There’s also another player in the team that is actually our friend, William Marquis.  He’s a left winger.  The advantage that me and Zach have on him is that we play defenseman so we have a lot of ice-time.  For William it’s a little bit harder because he play on a third line right now but I’m sure he will develop and get better and have more ice time in a better trio.  Right now, our objective is to be first rounder for the VHLM draft and be first or second rounder in VHL draft.  I’ve build my player to be a 2-way d-man so my expectation for the 40 games I will play this years is 8 goals and 22 passes for 30pts and I will love to have +/- of at least +15.  I think those expectations are high but reachable.  But the thing that stay the most important is to make the playoff and win the VHLM championship with Mexico!


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