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Volchenkov’s Recent Performance


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Today we talk to London United forward Alec Volchenkov about his recent performance.

In London’s last ten games you guys have had a 4-5-1 record but put up 6 assists during those games. Are you happy with your performance?

”Yeah for the most part. I mean it’d be nice to have a winning record but we have a young group with a lot of room for growth. We weren’t expecting to make the playoffs but the way we started the season it’s nice to get some wins in right now. For my own performance it’s been alright. I’ve been struggling a bit on the face-off dot and that’s something I’ll be working on in the coming practices.”


You had quite the exciting night against DC in a 10 round shootout the other night. Walk us through that game from your experience.

”Oh it was a blast! We were down 2 after 40 minutes but the boys battles hard and we got one back I think about 6 minutes into the third or so. We were back and forth with them all night but Nousiainen was able to tie it up with a little less than 3 minutes left in the game. OT was intense. Rose blocked three shots right in a row to start it off. A few posts were hit on both sides and I even laid a big hit on O’Quinn. Shootout was even more intense. A couple exciting moves with some fancy goals and a few close calls. Near the end the coach tapped me on the shoulder and I knew I had to score to keep us in it. I just kept it simple and was able to beat him short side. Nousiainen decided he didn’t want to play anymore and sniped one for us to win it in round 10. The boys were hyped and we all piled off the bench to swarm him. Oh it was an awesome night!”


So far in 38 games you’ve scored 5 goals and 23 assists for 28 points. Is this the level of production you were expecting coming into this season?

”I wasn’t really sure what to expect honestly. Obviously my numbers would be down from the minors but I did have the time to develop a bit more which I’m thankful for. It’s tough to defend these guys but I’m constantly working hard to improve my game in all areas. I’m more of dedicated playmaker and I’m happy with the plays I’ve been making along with my overall passing game. Obviously there’s room for improvement but being in my rookie year it’s been a good experience so far.”



What’s been the best part about London so far? Whether it be the team or the City itself.

”The city is great! The place I’m living I’m super happy with. It’s been a pretty easy transition overall and the fans have been very welcoming of a hockey franchise. It’s tough to perform for them since were young and the teams in this league are so talented. All the guys in the locker room are solid and we’re building good chemistry. It’s a grind and we’re all growing together. It’s been a bit of an adjustment driving on the left-hand side and sometimes I struggle with the accents but it’s great here. I’d love to spend my career in London but we’ll see what the future holds.”


That’s all the time we have for today unfortunately. Thanks to Alec for taking the time to speak with us and best of luck with the rest of the season! We’ll be watching as he continues to grow into one of London’s  future stars.


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