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Teppo McBighit junior rewiew


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In year 2001, Teppo McBighit was born in Finland. He was raised in countryside near the border of Russia. Every night in winter he went to play pick up hockey to the nearest outdoor rink. He always wanted to be a hockey player but his parents didn't have the money for that. 




When he was 15 he started his career as an hockey referee. He had quite a lot of games and was very good at it. After his first season he was invites to a beerleague team. He would play beerleague and ref for two season. After that he was invited to a finnish minor league tryouts. There he would find a place to play semi professionally. He worked as an elecrtician and played hockey. When he got in to the minors he ended his refferee career. Because he just didn't have the time for that. 2015_rbc_cup_mills_official_640.jpg.230c371cbf7529e5861a59863357b763.jpg


In the minors, first games were rough, he had couple of injuries and didn't play for ten games. Then he was called to 2nd defensive pair after the recovery and he had 4 assist that night. Then he started playing very well, he was excellent in defense, passing, checking and penalty killing. He squeesed out every drop of sweat he just physically could. His season was historical, noone could have ever imagined that 18 years old player who hasn't ever played could play in mens league. 




His record in the season was 50 gp, 3 goals, 32 assists, 40 penalty minutes, 82 checks, +20


Now he has got couple of offers from finnish elite league and also offer from VHLM. In Finland he could play in his favourite team SaiPa but in VHLM he has a chance to go more further with his career. So he decided to go to big leagues. 




They say that his youth team is pick up team, and that is correct. There he was playing and learned couple of tricks that even the pros don't know.




Teppo is also a great leader, his coach from the minors said that he would wear the C in his chest next season if he doesn't get in the VHLM. He also said that his ability reading the offences moves are from other planet. 


We will see how he can handle a completly different game than finnish minors. My assumption is that he may struggle at fist but when he gets the spark, he gets the spark and there will not be end for that.


I have talked to couple of scouts. And they say that Teppo could be one of the best defenders of the VHLM. But they are also concerned about is lack of career. One scout also said that he will not survive in the league. So not everybody trusts his one season career. 


-Written by monttu


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