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Sterling's up and down performance in his debut


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Coming into a brand new league at a level higher than what you are used to playing is bound to have struggles of some kind. Sterling had his debut for the Mexico City Kings today and the showing had mixed results.


In game 229, the Mexico City faced off against Los Vegas in a close 4-3 loss for Mexico City. This game did show promise however as Mexico City was phenomenal with their special team going 2/7 on the PP and 5/5 on the PK. Sterling's start was rough as he allowed 4 goals in the first period on 14 shots. He was adjusting to a new team and new league it was obvious there was a learning curve. However, Sterling recomposed himself in the 2nd and 3rd period making 25/25 saves and giving his team a fighting chance against Los Vegas. A total of 35/39 stops isn't a bad start for the young goalie and you know he plans on following it up with an even better performance in his next game as he won't have as much of a shock. 


Michael Sterling was asked this after the game

Reporter: "Sterling are you upset with the results tonight?"

Sterling: "Honestly no, I knew coming into this game this would be a tough one. They are a good team and having to adapt quickly proved difficult. Overall I do think I was able to turn it around however and I think I gave management and my teammates hope for our next couple years working together."  


Reporter: "Since you guys are in a tough playoff race do you think you should have started Emerson?"

Sterling: "No management made the right call starting me. Emerson has been working his ass off carrying this team and getting him rest will be beneficial for his game and the overall team. He had lost his last 4 games and I think it was because he was overworked. No he got a game off he was able to win decisively against Mississauga." 

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