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Robert Bouchard S75 Daftee


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Robert Bouchard comes for a small town like majority of fellow Canadians where they learn to skate on back yard rinks and shot the pucks at washing machines. Okay, This isn’t exactly his story.


He was born in Chatam, New Brunswick as shy and nervous child. He had one true passion in his life and that was Hockey. Like millions of kids in Canada every Saturday was like a cult ritual with toys put away, dinner eaten early and hockey jersey thrown on his back. A Vancouver Wolves fan met that this child needed to stay up late if he wanted to watch his favorite team play but first always came the first game between Toronto and whoever that night. This game will entertaining wouldn’t be the highlight tonight but more like the poor salad that no one really want to eat but you cannot have the main until it done and out of the way.


Bundled up in front of his 13inch TV with built in bunny ears, he watch the first games with lack lustier interest but when the second game started at 10pm, he would be excited. His parents would open the door and state,” You know it getting late and you should get some rest we have to go to Grandmas tomorrow.” Uh, Always Grandmas on Sundays but that would bring about different entertainment in its own rights. We called is Sunday slammers.


Sunday Slammers for whatever reason is where all the family members head to grandmas and there is usually about an hour of all the adults picking sides then the fight would happen. With people screaming, throwing things and acting worse then a two year in a pram. This was pure entertainment usually ended with someone or everyone storming being declared the loser or draw to be continued the following week as Sunday slammers continues.


The Sunday Slammers is where Robert would learn to be tough and to simple not take what everyone says personal when they are angry or confused.


As the second game of the night started Robert always found himself excited to see the stars take to the ice of the Vancouver Wolves. The first period was always amazing but sadly the intermissions were never too hot. Bored and starting to get tired as it was late for a four year old. The inevitable will happen and Robert would fall a sleep.


Robert parents, Robert & Tomoyo understood Roberts passion for the game as Robert Snr also played hockey in his young days as goaltender. Robert Snr would take junior for his first skate after the family moved from Chatam, New Brunswick closer to the Family farm in Manitoba. A small town called Bonjour would be the place that young Robert would learn to skate but it wasn’t that easy for the youngster. He would learn his first life and hockey lesson; which is first to succeed you first must try and to continue to try to succeed.  

From his first skate to his first game, Robert never gave up trying and improving his overall game. He would lite up the minor hockey leagues as play maker with hundreds of points per season. He wasn’t much of a goal scorer as his preference was seeing others joy when he worked to get them goals. He was a true team player and will continue to be so into the future.


With no clear expectation for VHLM draft Robert is simply excited that he has a chance to continue his career in the VHLM and hopes to be able to contribute to any team that will draft him in S75 draft.


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