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Hextall visits Lafontaine and Spyro after tough losses, takes them out for food


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At the end of the regular season Calgary and Vancouver were separated by just four points, the Wolves had one more win in regulation, 46 total but the Wranglers had ten overtime lose points to push them above and to go along with their 45 wins. The Legion as we know weren't in the playoff picture anymore. When looking at goalie leaders, which is the top ten goalies with the most wins, Lafontaine was second with a .928 save percentage and third with 37 wins, Spyro was first in wins with 41 and fourth in save percentage with a .922. Hextall barely made it into the top 10 with exactly 30 wins, amazing honestly that he was even able to hit the 30 barrier mark, and sits seventh in save percentage at .920. However we aren't here for a stat dump, Calgary and Vancouver were both dominant team during the regular season and had to be favorites in the playoffs. When looking at the standings over all Calgary was first and Vancouver third, one point behind the Titans.


It was quite the upset then when both teams were beaten in the second round, after the play in's the Phoenix beat Calgary in seven and the Dragons took out Vancouver in seven, in fact all round two matches when the full distance, to seven games. To try and help out with the tough losses, rival Jaxx Hextall took both Lafontaine and Spyro to a Boston pizza where the tab was on him. The three talked about their experiences so far and recounted some of their best matches against each other, it was bitter sweet, eventually though they had to each return home. Here's looking forward to next season for the each of them!!


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