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The ride never ends


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Unless you are Canadian, then the ride ends by losing in the finals. 


Moving on to other topics. The playoffs in VHL is finally getting near the finals, Malmo made their way in there already by beating Moscow. D.C Dragons and Chicago play a game seven later today. If I would get to choose, I guess it would be cool to see Phoenix in the finals as they kicked Seattle out, but then again D.C vs Malmo sound equally interesting matchup. We will see, should be fun finals either way.


As Seattle has been out of it for some time now, I have relaxing back in Albania. My father's potato field has been a welcomed change to the millionaire lifestyle that I get to live in Seattle. I make a lot of money and sometimes I work hard. That takes a toll on you, especially mentally, so it has been great to get my mind out of it all for a bit.


I don't know for sure when the training camp starts, but before we get that far I have to go through depreciation treatment, first one in my career. I'm not looking forward to it all, but these things happen in VHL and I have to find a way to make it work. I have saved some TPE, but is it enough?

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