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Off season boredom!


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"You shoulda made the playoffs," some say. "You would be having some fun!" 

Well... yeah, you're right. We were kinda pumped for the lottery tournament, but truth be told Toronto's performance was quite disappointing despite lines that yielded reasonable success during the regular season. I expected far more goals than we actually scored, despite registering the most during the tournament, and anticipated a strong display from the team. Our record of 5-3-2 was good enough to tie for second, but the surprising 7-2-1 record of New York certainly sealed their first overall lottery pick. 

So now the boredom kicks in. 

We're swinging back and forth with our head dipped in a puddle of water, checking our watches while standing next to a field on the side of the road, we're tapping our fingers waiting for the off season to begin; VHLM finals are almost done, but the VHL finals just started today, although both could be over as early as tomorrow. 🤔


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