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Depression - Season Overview for Justin Lose


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This season has been a wild ride for Justin Lose. From being drafted in both the VHLM (18th overall) and VHL (26th overall) drafts. He even signed his first contract with his draft team, Riga Reign. Justin Lose also started a full VHLM season with the Mexico City Kings and finishing first in the league. He had a career season with 33 goals and 43 assists for 76 points in 72 games played. He made the playoffs for the first time since missing playoffs last season with the Philadelphia Reapers. He put up a point a game in the playoffs with 6 goals and 10 assists for 16 points in 16 games. Lose even got selected to represent the United States in the World Juniors Championship after the playoffs are over.

"This season has been incredible. From draft day to the cup finals, it has been a crazy ride with the Mexico City Kings. I even got selected to represent the United States in the World Juniors. That was one of my goals when coming to the VHLM last season. I feel like I'm right at home with Mexico City Kings. Nothing can stop us from winning the cup this season!"


The Philadelphia Reapers. In the cup finals, Philadelphia Reapers vs Mexico City Kings, the Kings fell to the Reapers 2-4 after a hard fought battle. After not being drafted by the Reapers in the VHLM dispersal draft, this has hit Lose hard. Losing to the team that saw potential in you in your waiver season, only to beat you in the finals the next season.


"Of course this is a hard pill to swallow. I remember hanging out with the team on draft day and having a good time and watching my name get called in the VHLM draft. Getting a message from DMaximus congratulating me on being picked by Mexico City. It sucks losing your friends in the locker room like that. Unfortunately that's how the league goes. Never get comfortable. Fast forward to overtime in game 6 and watching the Reapers score and lifting the cup on their home ice.... Man that hit me hard. I'm proud to be apart of Mexico City, but that stings. I'm mad at myself for not contributing as much as I should have. After the first round I let off the gas a bit. I guess I coasted along for too long. I need to be better. This is a great learning experience. I hope that when I go to Riga I can prove that I belong and make an impact."


With the Kings loss to the Reapers, season 75 with the Mexico City Kings is done for Justin Lose. He must regain his focus and motivation when he takes the ice and goes for the gold in the World Juniors with the United States. After that tournament he moves onto the VHL and the Riga Reign!


"It sucks that I don't get another shot at the cup in the VHLM. 0 for 2 cups does suck and de-motivate some people. I feel like after a few days of processing the loss, I will be ready and motivated as ever to win gold for the US. The sky is now the limit for me in the VHL too. Riga Reign is my team and I will give everything I have to them on the ice. I want to win a cup with Riga."

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