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Riley tries figure skating.


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Riley Couture has been practising her figure skating in her spare time to try and get better at skating but she has not yet been able to do a pirouette, she keeps falling over and slamming her face in the ice every time she tries. Much like her old days in peewee hockey like when she was first trying to skate, except it hurts more these days as she is much heavier and hits the ice with more force. Faceplanting onto the ice isn't fun as it is a hard and painful substance to hit your nose against with force. Riley is surprised that she hasn't broken it yet since it keeps happening. Just to be safe she has decided to keep a doctor close by at the side of the ice rink, so that if she gets injured someone can tend to her injuries straight away. This has boosted her confidence which in turn has meant she is falling over less.

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