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rookie season for Sirkants Klamasteris


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It all started brilliantly for a big bull Latvian netminder from Kuldīga. Despite of not having a huge success in the minors with Ottawa he still had many reasons to cheer for. It was projected that Riga Reign GM Benjamin Zeptenbergs was looking for Sirkants way before the draft time and these mocks were absolutely spot on. He was indeed drafted by Riga which meant he wouldn't have had to waste his time to adjust to the different environment. He was simply in his home. Also, the starter position in a quickly rebuilding team was giving him a lot of opportunities to show his skillset right away. That didn't last for long though...


After he played his 7th game in the season, the surprising news struck the VHL world. Zeptenbergs decided to make a deal for another goalie who was waiting for a long time to make his name in this league, Calvin Harvey. Which meant Sirkants had to step aside for a more ready goalie and learn something from him. From this moment on, there was nothing much to say about his rookie season. He was occasionally stepping on the ice when Harvey didn't have a great day. However, he had to wait for the end of the season when he was called as the starter once again, against strong Helsinki Titans team. But when the game started it was apparent that he lost his spark that he had in the early season. He performed poorly in that game and was replaced by Calvin in the mid game. So that concluded Klamasteris season. It started very promising for him, but it seems like he isn't ready to accept the fact that there are way better goalies in this league. Apparently, his mental game is not on point and that is not the way how to make his idol Kallis Kriketers proud.


3-5-1 record, .926 save percentage, 2.95 GAA. Looks like decent stats even if we're taking into the accout that most of times he entered the game from the bench. Which likely boosted his stats a bit. So maybe there is some hope left and he will fix his mental to get back to his best form. After all, when it comes to working hard - there is no complaints about his work ethic. And maybe one day Riga Reign GM is going to trust him more...or any other VHL team. 👀

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