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  1. It's your typical week without trivia. Ok, here's some quote. The season has begun and we started off with a good 5-0-1 record. Could've been perfect 6-0, but the bot goalie has decided he gotta be worse than Kallis so we took one SO loss in the process. It's aight, so far we're playing fine enough to have another playoff appearance. There has been a lot of thoughts about what's next for Riga after this season. Well, S67's are about to retire and all of them are playing an important part in our team's success. Eagles as the world class starter, Tate as the main defensive force and
  2. 1. The season has begun! What are your goals on this season? 2. As of now we're 5-0-1. Can we keep this up? 3. Do you think we can reach 40 wins once again? 4. Is this the time Tallinder reaches 100 points or more? 5. It appears that we have one more European (from Italy) in our team, @Matt thunder. How fun is it to have a non-NA member in our team? 6. How excited are you on having @Lefty_S coming back? 7. Who are you rooting for in NHL finals? 8. In how many years the ''sleeping hedge'' meme will die? 9. Have you changed your forum theme yet? If so, to
  3. well, DC had a space but they immediately went with Flowers. Oh yeah, Malmo has a space, but nobody is gonna go with 6 defensemans lol.
  4. More like all that drama just to realize there is no other competing team but Toronto and Vancouver with roster and cap space. expected signing
  5. Good! It's been awhile since a Latvian came in, need more of us.