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  1. what a trash game all around at least Randoms could've scored, but nah. irrelevant ass result
  2. 1. Who wins Gold? USA 2. Who wins Silver? World 3. Who wins Bronze? Europe 4. What player will be named tournament MVP? Jerry Wang
  3. what he said. in sim leagues the draft position doesn't matter as much as activity. It's not an easy task to jump over two high TPE defs, especially as a rookie. So we'll take your solid defensive play, the rest will come later. and we do need to feed the puck to Hackett so he can continue to score his pass-goals amirite Reno
  4. ayye you back for some reason I thought you'll name him Vedro Pomoev
  5. Someone told me I from now on I should name this threads to ''Riga GM notes'' or something like that. Ok, here we are. - Red hot Riga. At this moment, our team is on seven game win streak. Nice. I'm a bit surprised that this streak happens in mid-season. We're usually getting heated up at the ending stages of the regular season. I just hope this doesn't means we're peaking too early. - This also could become the career season of Dahlberg...this is what I was supposed to write until I recalled his S65 campaign. Still this could be his second best season. At this moment, he is the leader of the Reign's offense. Palo is actually trying to take this throne after a meh start of the season. One way or another, I'm happy our offense is starting to produce. The depth is also helping a lot. - Randoms is holding on. Unless Dahlberg or HHH goes off in the second half of the regular season, my guy could actually take the Szat award lol. A decent season for a 24th OV I guess. This could be my first Szat after S58. It's about time my player has a chance for awards since Cricket constantly underperforming show. - Not gonna lie, I had a crazy trade idea in last 2 days. I think this could've looked interesting for our team. But right now I'm hesitant to change things since our team is performing very well. Guess gonna hold on and see what happens before the trade deadline and then decide. Unless some other particular team isn't gonna do this faster (a team that likes to add young players each time). - I was looking at my GM career stat and I assume I have 581 wins at this moment. So 19 wins away from 600. I think it's possible to get that number this season, especially with this hot streak going on., But not gonna run ahead of the train. - I noticed all of these notes are pretty short. I definitely had longer ones in all previous occasions. My brains aren't creative anymore. - I also noticed the VHLPA hype has died down very quick. Even Dills promoting this stuff didn't help much. Although their idea last week was a decent one, but nothing much after that. RIP. Fong just ate them. - Most of our send downs are performing very well in minors. Tallinder has 59 points in 34 games, he seems ready for the big league. Storm only has one point lesser than his Mississauga rival that soon will turn into his teammate. Shush is doing pretty well in a heaby contender Mexico as well, 45 points in 34. Our future offense is going hard. Fomba trying to do stuff for the Kings with .879 and 2 shutouts. Fitzwell is doing his defensive stuff with 48 shot blocks on top of 106 hits. I believe Riga never had a Philly player that could make it into the bigs. So Tomato has a nice chance to fix it. So yeah, nothing more to say. That's it and I'm out. 6 TPE to Cricket.
  6. 1. VHL is in mid-season lull and Moscow is chugging right along. Are you hype for playoffs yet? Ye, both of my teams will make the playoffs 100%. should be nice. 2. The NHL is also fully underway, what team do you follow and how do you think they are doing this year? Every NHL team that has a Latvian in it. Columbus - expected since they lost the firepower, but for fucks sake when Elvis will get his first win smfh. Pens - expected too, a fine team fighting for the post-season. Buffalo...can they finally make the playoffs ffs? 3. Who is your favourite NHL player, both current and/or all-time? I like longevity so Jagr. 4. Randoms has been leading the league in scoring for some time. Will I jinx him by asking this presser question and drawing attention to it? Maybe? But I doubt that tbh. His 99's should come into play unless HHH or Dahlberg gonna go berserk in other 36 games. 5. Have you subscribed to the Disney+ streaming service? Do you think it's worth? What streaming services do you subscribe to? Nah. 6. Do you think Victor will be active at the VHL trade deadline? There are some rumours he might be. Who do you predict comes to Moscow for a cup run? Finn Davison to Moscow.
  7. 1. At this particular second we have the longest winning streak in the league (4 games). Was it an easy schedule, the right guys catching fire at the right time, or what? At this moment, 7 game streak. Winning all of these close games helps. 2. What do we need to do to close the gap between us and first place? Keeping up this offensive depth showdown. 3. What team are you most surprised by so far this season? Thought DC would be already out of the playoff zone. Apparently, Calgary doesn't even knows what they want, to tank or compete. 4. Ugh, why is this Apollo Hackett guy scoring your goals? Some goalies are even more trash than Cricket. Can't even save passes. 5. Some pundits are saying ACL TEAR is all washed up (11 points in 33 games). Why did he stop improving? This name came back to himself probably. 6. Aside from our very own Rauno Palo, who are you saddest about retiring this season? Another player who most likely will retire in this trade deadline. 7. Here's your chance to tag an inactive (user or player) that you really, really want to come back. Who is it? Could be nice to see some old-school Latvians here although I'm pretty sure this won't happen. 8. Expansion seems very unlikely in the next few seasons, but where would you like to see the VHL or VHLM go to next? Brink back Bratislava. 9. I saw the boss jumping on a stapler to put a packet of papers together. Why doesn't he just hire a secretary or a college student or something? nah, he's just too sleepy for that. 10. Who's the nicest player/user in the league? Give 'em a shout-out! Is there anyone who is not nice? Nice league, nice players, nice members, everything's nice, life is nice.
  8. yes, you should get used to be the first star of many games now.
  9. They will be drafted. no GM players anymore. And I don't care Vic beat me to do it with his post. and yes, Enorama won't create a player because he has one already.
  10. oh right, another dumbfuck game. how more can this happen