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  1. Was good to play with you in Riga. Good luck with your recreate!
  2. Yeah yeah no trivia need to write something for 2 TPE yada yada. The S76 is apporoaching upon us and the Riga Reign team is filled with an excitement. For the first time in my GM tenure I will manage the first gen only team. Actually, has this ever be done in this league? I'm wondering for real. Even more impressive fact is that we're going into the season with the 9/6 setup, not 6/4. Speaking about first gen and stuff, we didn't have a first round pick for S76 draft so @gorlab bust or lick series wasn't as exciting as the S75 edition when I had a whopping 5 first round
  3. Last week, I was covering our S75 season and gave a shoutouts to every Riga draftee. Now let's talk a bit more about players who were a part of Riga last season, but will either start this season in a different team or just going to remain unclaimed. Not including players who retired following last season. LW - Shush Nyko (S71-75) @SDCore Somewhat an end of an era. He was the only player remaining from the championhip winning S72 team. I remember back in the S69 I was contemplating between Spyro and SD and after some discussions with Nyko we decided to choose the latter
  4. Riga Reign offers: S76: 3M S77: 1M Had to do this manually as you're not in FA pool in portal. Just say ''accept'' here. @Mashy
  5. Riga Reign offers S76: 3M S77: 2M S78: 2M @Erik I've been told to make a manual thread for this one. So just accept it here.
  6. New season, old plans. The only difference is that we pretty much have the youngest squad in this league! A big difference in my books. Other than that, this will be our growing season but I'm still expecting us to play spoilers all the time. Because it's fun, I know. Anyways, back to the thread's subject. This season we will have 3 brand new captains in the play! But first, our honorary captain. We already had that in S74 I believe (Sasakamoose) and now we're back at it. I was considering 4 players for three spots and this particular member said he is ok with waiting. He is a very