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  1. I'm sleeping. Riga Reign sends Ryan Kastelic to the All-Star game! @Enorama
  2. Ben Hafkey of all people scored series winning goal in OT hate to be a Calgary at this moment. the second season in a row when they're getting blocked by Vancouver in game 7 oof.
  3. are you sure you sent a pack of mids to Kallis? looks like that other Latvian stole it and smoked it all
  4. Kallis really stealing games wtf. good to see finally winning a playoff series. Could be fine to take series from Helsinki as well, although this gonna be way harder. gg Moscow...and some mid Randoms too
  5. Kallis does something. well, good. Edwin is hurting his former partner in crime here
  6. I'm calling out Kallis more than others combined. been known
  7. nobody wants to see me lose in ASG anymore this is outrageous
  8. This is yet another week when I wanted to get something big at media spot, but Riga celebrated the birthday this weekend so once again I have no desire. Here you are, another 500 word scramble about the expansion and thing cause I need 12 TPE. And yes, I'm still under alco. quik look at all 10 VHL teams and their possible reactions on the expansion draft: Calgary - we don't care New York - we don't care Seattle - are we about to become a Davos? Toronto - ...wait, lemme find a player first Vancouver - pfft, only losing one player when we can draft three. not a big deal as always Davos - ...friendship ended with Enorama and diamond_ace Helsinki - mhmm... Malmo - Moscow, consiprancy, etc Moscow - FINALLY! Riga - offloading the roster once again? who would've even thought. So yeah, I assume I don't need to type any comments on that writeup above cause I hardly understand what I did there. But I also guess I was right on most of occasions. Calgary is on peak and can afford to lose a young gun, New York didn't even start a rebuild. Seattle might lose a good youngin, but probably it won't be such a big deal for them. Toronto...yeah. Vancouver, I think ''losing one - draft three'' phrase doesn't needs any explanation because that's exactly what Beaviss does. Davos is pissed, although I don't see a reason for it. It's not like either Dangles or Leblanc would make a huge impact for this team since they're competing...or rebuilding...or retooling. Whatever. The expansion draft isn't the biggest problem for this team anyways. Helsinki - they will lose a good active player, but who? Stay tuned. Malmo still thinks Moscow paid some bucks to commies to put them into the expansion draft. And they are about to lose a decent player. What a shame. Moscow can't wait to throw all this cap dump away. And as for me - I'd rather keep all actives, but this might also benefit all parties - our team, the exposed player (getting better stats maybe) and an expansion team. So ''typing no comments'' turned into a 150 or so word rambling about the future of all VHL teams. Typical hedge. Also, like many other members I need to predict locations for both expansion teams...who am I kidding. It's gonna be a huge surprise if D_A isn't putting his team to Czech Republic. But you know what, I'll say lets put this team to Brno cause I like this city more. But Prague is also nice. As about Enorama - I can't say 100%. Some guys already telling that he put his team to Washington based on him GM player's name. I wouldn't be that sure though. Stay tuned, you know. So I guess I need to end this torture and do my favorite thing - go to sleep. Maybe, just maybe I will do a bigger and more detailed expansion article next week if I'm not going drunk again. Like who exactly might leave their respective teams to an expansion teams. Or picks. Amirite Devise? That's it and I'm out. 6+6=12 TPE goes to Kallis
  9. 1. Are you glad Randoms has kind of fell off? This gives Cast a chance for MVP. 2. do you think you could avoid losing a non-cap-dump player in expansion draft? 3. are you sure Randoms won't be some mid in playoffs? 4. who are you considering a favorite in playoffs? 5. how excited are you to cut all these cap dump players in next offseason? 6. do you want to see Malmo getting stronger for this rivalry becoming more relevant?
  10. 1. We're at the very end of the season with two games left and 2nd through 6th are all 2 points from one another. Why don't we have a clear 2nd place? The position change effect has worn off. And we're taking too much penalties. 2. Towards the end of this season we've been/are on a bit of a slide. Why are we struggling after so much sustained success following the position switch? Pretty much the same answer as for the first Q. gotta change lines I guess. 3. A long-time VHL member had his ban reversed. What is your overall impression of this move (positive or negative)? Neutral. I already wrote an article about him and my opinion didn't change at all. Let's just hope this try will be way more successful. And he called me cool, so he cool too. 4. Two new expansion teams with Enorama and diamond_ace at the helms. How do you think they'll do? D_A is a proven GM and Eno already spent like 4-5 seasons and I'm sure he knows how these deals are done etc GM'ing things. Should be fine. 5. Are you worried about being taken in the expansion draft? Yea, who even would protect that inconsistent boomer anyways. certainly not a smart GM. 6. Will the VHL settle at 12 teams, or do you think even more expansion is in store within the next 5 seasons? Depends. We'll have big draft classes retiring at some point so it's not certain even if the recrutment drives are successful. 7. What's your favorite part about living in Riga (or Latvia in general)? Tvaika iela 2. 8. Based on what you've seen so far this season, who's your top pick for MVP? You can't pick anyone from Riga. PodCast imo. Randoms has fell off a bit so it gives Cast a good chance. 9. Alright, which one of you punks put a snake in a can in the rookie's locker? uhmm...you know...so let's talk about the strategy against the upcoming series against Moscow... 10. Who put the giant poster of Buff Beaviss on hedgehog's wall? ...you need to go after Podrick Cast and knock him off and then Sigurdsson does the same against Randoms. We win.
  11. and also Vasteras has every pick. you know don't worry, they will find a way how to choke even in their own league