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  1. hedgehog337

    My thoughts about S63 draft.

    someone's hacked my account brb I'm trying to come up with more excuses.
  2. hedgehog337

    My thoughts about S63 draft.

    Quik who? Last visited October 6 scrub GM, replace him ASAP
  3. hedgehog337

    I don`t know what I`m supposed to write here

    where do you live lol. isn't it 23:40 though?
  4. hedgehog337

    Oyorra Arroyo Press Conference

    1. Do you like Arroyo's performance so far? 2. Feeling after winning the championship? 3. Who is most dangerous opponent for Calgary this year? 4. Are you happy your player is better than Hazard's one? 5. When Memphis will finally win the championship? @omgitshim
  5. hedgehog337

    Ryan Sullivan Jr. Press Conference

    you wish 1. Is Toronto your #1 destination? 2. Would you be ok with playing in Riga with Pajari instead? 3. Will you try to bring back Cologne if you're becoming an expansion team GM? (if this will happpen) 4. Do you think you're the greatest GM here? 5. Are you still upset you couldn't win with Stockholm although having a very good roster?
  6. hedgehog337

    Practice Facility (October 8th - October 14th)

    Kallis and Randoms 2 each
  7. hedgehog337

    My thoughts about S63 draft.

    *Hi* The season is about to begin somewhere in next week and I'm still waiting for the HoF induction ceremony. I swear, if Fredinamijs Krīgars won't be inducted this year... Anyways, let's talk about the last draft. It's going to be fun reviewing S61-63 drafts after all of these players will retire, but the S63 draft in particular. This was a truly hyped event since we pretty much had full three rounds of members who are more or less updating their players. The older members will name even better drafts (cause these likely happened in first seasons), but I never saw that deep draft like this. So I'm going to risk here with naming potential steals and busts. However, it may be fun to got back to this article after some time and see if I was right. I'm also going to mentioned couple of other things to reach 500 words. SURPRISE OF THE DRAFT 4. D - SIDNEY CROSBY @Tagger already mentioned about his wild comeup from being overlooked by every single VHLM GM. But even he was putting Sidney into the end of the first round at best. But Quik got other plans and instead of more safe player in Tzyuu he decided to pick a first gen. Actually, almost every draftee being picked by the Titan's GM was a first gen youngster. The only veteran from this draft was Boom with his Odinsson. As about Sidney, I was not sure about his future since he is not very vocal on the boards and even thought he may go inactive right before the draft. But here he is, updating his player and putting up work quietly. Is being a high pick going to put a pressure on this member? Seems like he doesn't cares much and that may be a good thing. MID SEASON ARRIVALS BEING PICKED AFTER EACH OTHER 12. RW - RYLAN PEACE 13. D - JESSE WILSON These both members only created their guys in mid-season and it wasn't certain they would even crack the second round. Anyways, their work didn't go unnoticed as they rapidly were climbing up in draft rankings and I'm sure a couple of GM's started to pay more attention to them. At the end of the day, they went #12 and #13. I took Rylan because once again I was more a fan of forward players. Quik also did his homework and took Wilson a pick after which could be huge for his team in future. An interesting fact - Peace created his account 4 years ago, but never made a post. Sometimes, sending mass PM's to these type of members is really working. POTENTIAL STEALS 21. RW - WLODZIMIERZ ZAJACZKOWSKI 22. G - RHETT STOFFIDAY Predicting potential steals in this deep draft is like Vasteras winning the championship. But I'll try. There are a couple of sleeper picks, but I feel like Zajaczkowski has more chances in becoming a VHL player. He's consistently claiming welfare + PF and sometimes he can even do more than that. He's also a bit more vocal on boards than Fitzgerald or Boucher. Although I wouldn't be surprised if these last two also will make their appearance in the VHL league as active players. The another honorable mention would be Chace Trepanier from Toronto (#19 OV). As about Stoffiday, it wasn't that surprising that he fell off to the third round knowing the goalie market right now. But if we're comparing his early days (a welfare player at most) and these days, we can see a big difference. Right now, he's a Davos prospect and he has a lot of chances to become their #1 goalie in the future. POTENTIAL BUSTS (or players who just may not live up to their expectations) 6. C - SCOTT SHAWINGANEN 14. G - COLE MERTZ Let's be more controversial and try to predict busts. At this point, I'm really not sure about two players. First of them is Scott Shawinganen. The member was starting off hot and soon enough he jumped into the TOP 5 in draft rankings. He was keeping this up for a long time, but lately he's not being so active like he used to be. I believe he just burnt out at some point so he decided to claim welfare to not completely lose a potential. And maybe he will come back to his form to shut my prediction down. After all, I was thinking that Crosby would go inactive as well and then he jumped into the #4 OV. So we shall see. The second one is Cole Mertz. And the reason of him slowing down is actually a sad one. I've heard he has a tough situation IRL, including losing a family member so that just took his attention from this league. The question is - will he come back to his previous activity? I'm not sure. We already had one member (Flipachev is his player) who had a red hot start, but then his father got a heart stroke and he was forced to leave this league. Cole could be another member who may not live up to our expectations, but will he give a damn if he goes inactive? Giving his current IRL situation - the answer would be likely no. IS RANDOMS A STEAL? 24. LW - RANDOMS In TPE wise, maybe. But I don't think Beaviss would get much from this player due a specific build which won't give flashy stats. But having 74 in checking may convince him to not trade this player next off-season (although I still think he will) and put him in the fourth line as the power forward. That's going to be interesting to see Randoms' future in the big league. IS THERE A DRAFTEE I FORGOT? 26. LW - KING GOW Yes, there's another draftee that still has a chance to become a sleeper pick and he was picked in the fourth round. Eaglesfan is a very well known member who had his glory moments with Calgary in S40's. Right now, he's not that active like he was back then. However, he's still claiming welfare and PF points and he has more than 70 TPE like the portal is suggesting. So perhaps his glory days are over, but he may become a valuable peace for Toronto (was traded from NY to Devise) is he keeps going like he's doing now. And just like that, my thoughts about this draft is over. Feel free to come back into this thread and bash me in case if Scott and Cole will be on the way to HoF. That's it and I'm out. 6x2=12 TPE to Kallis 08.10 - 14.10 15.10 - 21.10 Members who are mentioned in this thread: @SidTheKid87 @monkeywrench15 @Cornflakers @ColeMrtz21 @Stoffiday @nicolas01 @eaglesfan036 @Beaviss @Quik @ChaceT @JohnnyT_77 @joeyboucher1 @BOOM™ @Peace
  8. hedgehog337

    G - Divaani Sohva

    Divaani already a legendary name
  9. hedgehog337


    Shankly returned to hockey for another cup it seems.
  10. hedgehog337

    That fail guy is back .

    hi Yes it is Yes. You may also try the portal thing (the place where you can create a player btw)
  11. hedgehog337

    [TC] S63 - Riga Reign

    @Higgins there's a TC
  12. hedgehog337

    DAV/TOR: S63

    I mean, last season we had five more or less contenders. Devise knows it's shouldn't be any different this seson.
  13. hedgehog337

    S63 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    Jasper Canmore @nicolas01
  14. hedgehog337

    The Future of VHL Goal tending & Award Predictions

    Pepper - goalie of the year Kallis - playoff MVP likely