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  1. Oh Sens to Riga as well @Beketov
  2. 1. The team has had some heart-breaking close losses this season. What do you do to get the guys motivated after a tough loss? Letting them to beat up the opponent team after the match. 2. Who is that guy in our locker room that's always there to pick everyone else with an inspiring speech or act? Ledge, Thunder and Lose. 3. Who do you think is our biggest rival in the VHL? Helsinki cause we meet in playoffs a lot. 4. How would you describe the colour orange to a blind person? I'm afraid I wouldn't be able t
  3. @GrittyIsKing09 sent you a challenge
  4. 1. What do you think of Kaleeb's Reign logo redesign? It was fine I guess...too tired to give an opinion 2. What is your favourite possible VHLE team? Could be logo or name. This will help Bratislava. 3. Our last few sims have been trending upwards, yet we remain 5 points out of a playoff spot. How optimistic are you about the season? STHS is an asswipe 4. Describe your ideal sandwich. some meat some cheese some hot stuff...lots of stuff tbh 5. If you could combine two qualities of two different pe
  5. and you wanna me to believe in this crap this scumbag sim is spewing out? cause we're being screwed for no fucking reason. worthless piece of shit
  6. Grekkark Gyrfalcon @Tape-to-Tape
  7. First of all, I never posted captain for the last season. I assume that was just a preview for what's about to come and what I can't get over with. Fuck you STHS. Anyways, these were the last season captains: C - Matt Thunder A - Linus Zetterstrom A - Isau DaMoose Now let's talk about this season. Honestly, I got lazy with this once again and never thought properly about this. Though, I decided to mention 4 players in it, one of them being a honorary captain (like I did it a couple of times before). C - Matt Thunder @Matt thunder A -
  8. 1. The season is about to start! Do you have a super early Cup prediction? No predictions at all after 8 games. 2. Who was your most influential GM in your career? Uhmm...no one I guess. Though I like how Devise was finding the way how to win. 3. Which team in the VHL is the most cursed? New York for now. Nothing went right for them after Advantage/Devise bringing wins there. 4. (From @Eynhallow) Why is it that humans are the only animal that blushes (or needs to)? Apparently looking red is cool af according
  9. what the fuck is this mentally disabled garbage??? so you wanna say that it doesn't matter if I put Harvey and Sovick in net we're still gonna lose? Not to mention that for some bitch ass reason we already lost to Davos and Moscow which just shouldn't happen given that how better our roster is. I don't believe in this fuck shit I'm seeing right now.
  10. Addison McLaren @Tape-to-Tape