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  1. The best crew in Riga history tbh, King is already in team's history books.
  2. Saturday Belgium 3:1 England Sunday France 1:0 Croatia 15 TPE is yours
  3. hedgehog337

    Expanding the VHLM

    Bring back Bratislava. Thank you.
  4. hedgehog337

    World Cup 2018

    ''England's coming home'' Russians already trolling. the bronze game doesn't exist according to them
  5. hedgehog337

    World Cup 2018

    Croatia btw, this was a better semi final tbh
  6. hedgehog337

    GM 178: Bears vs. Reign

    No. we need more goals and points. you can step aside
  7. hedgehog337

    GM 178: Bears vs. Reign

    absolutely wack result. shouldn't be like these in future
  8. hedgehog337

    GM 178: Bears vs. Reign

    resim this shit
  9. hedgehog337

    Practice Facility (July 2nd - July 8th)

    Centis 2
  10. hedgehog337

    World Cup Bracket: The Finals

    Username: hedgehog337 Final ranking of the last 4 teams: (France, Belgium, Croatia, England) 1. France 2. England 3. Belgium 4. Croatia
  11. hedgehog337

    Hardcore World Cup predictions SF

    Tuesday France 3:2 Belgium Wednesday Croatia 1:2 England
  12. hedgehog337

    World Cup 2018

    Penalty shootout in 1/8 Russia def Spain Croatia def Denmark England def Colombia Penalty shootout in 1/4 Croatia def Russia Can't wait to see who wins the PS championship between Croatia and England.
  13. hedgehog337

    GM 157: Meute vs. Reign

    wtf is this wack shit. re sim this mistake I'm ok with losing, but not when we score 0 goals
  14. hedgehog337

    GM 133: Wranglers vs. Reign

    We're only 9 points from QUE. The dream is alive!