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  1. Moscow is lucky...if they even can consider themselves like that since the playoffs is still too far. But more 2 TPE for Randoms, I guess that's something. Here is some whinny post about me having too little desire for articles. I had periods of that before, but I feel like this gone too far. It's been like 3-4 months since I had an interesting media spot. After that, only rumblings and hate for sim. The only stuff that I'm still interested to do is GM'ing, my brains are still producing future plans (and in-season too, at least this was enough to bring Palo here) and I don't feel this is forced. Unfortunately, I'm finding it harder to find an idea for articl...I'm lying. I'm still having some interesting ideas (at least I'd like to think like that), it's just I have no interest to bring it to life. So the news about the end of PP2 wasn't a sad moment for me. Most likely, Randoms would've been the my last PP2 player anyways. It's kinda fun to have two players, but not when you just have no drive to produce articles after articles after articles. But one thing for sure. I'll try to finish strong with Randoms and won't abandon him. He will play full career. After that, I might even take some break from players unless I'll need to fill a position for Riga. 2 TPE for Randoms oh and yeah. That's it and I'm out.
  2. What a shitty thing from our trivia head he pulled this week. He's making me to write another rumbling without any meanings behind it by not putting trivia this week. For that I'm wishing Moscow to miss the playoffs and I don't even care that Randoms is playing there. You just can't hurt hedgehog like that. But seriously, is there anything to write about? An inconsistent ShiteTHS made me to release the new part of my I'm Mad series one day earlier than it should've been. Other than that, I have nothing in my mind. Is there any reasons why should I recycle the words for another random quote for Randoms? Oh yeah, Randoms getting less again, Moscow suffering again hehe. All these almost sleepless nights with some fuel in my body is really doing me bad and now I'm not feeling very well. So here you are, closer to Dills level VHL.com article and I'm hoping to get 2 TPE from that. And one more thing. Speaking about Dill - I STILL NEED TO UPDATE RANDOMS! I tried to think for another thing for 2 minutes, nothing came up in my mind. 2 TPE to KK
  3. 1. How do you feel about Project Player 2 (second player for GMs) being ended with this season? Don't care tbh. Randoms most likely would've been my last second player anyways, not much desire to do hardworking stuff anymore. 2. Now that this season is over, what improvement(s) would you recommend for the VHL? fix STHS 3. The standings currently have EU Conference teams as the top 4; do the playoffs need to include the possibility of a cross-over to accommodate Moscow (7th in the standings, would be #3 seed in NA)? Might the the most fair solution. But tbf the same thing could happen in NA in a couple of seasons so let it be. 4. Who would you add to the VHL Clown List? me at D tier 5. Who takes home the gold in the World Juniors Cup this year? Is this happening? Saw in discord it's being postponed, to say at least. 6. Shout out an old minors teammate. What makes them awesome? Kastelic is still a Riga MVP. 7. Which player in the upcoming draft intrigues you most? Some good first gens there. Saskamoose/Summer/Lesieur. A couple of nice ones a bit behind too. 8. When STHS gets inconsistent it's a little frustrating. What do you think the team could do to improve morale? fix STHS 9. I saw our boss hedgehog typing away on a keyboard today. Where do you think he learned to use human technology? he actually can do everything except of creating good players since Krīgars. 10. What would you(r player) be doing if not hockey? Being the woat catcher in baseball. also, smoking mids.
  4. First and foremost, I gotta apologize to Kallis Kriketers for my last rant-article. Because you know what, he isn't retarded at all. You know what's really beyond retarded? Of course, you all know what I'm talking about. Sorry not sorry, STHS has became trash lately. For some reasons I thought this piece of abomination found a sense when Kallis started to show some decent to good games. But the last two games showed to me that nothing has changed. There are so many things that I can't accept and belive in: - I can't accept the fact that I'm trying to build a good team to just see same old shit - Cricket being pulled every third or fourth game. That's just not fair to other Riga players that are hoping to win the championship; - I can't accept that for some reasons our PK is below 80% even though I'm sending the best players there; - I just can't accept that all these 90's and 99's is only enough for .910 and a shit load of trash performances. Because we all know this is some bull's excriment; - I can't accept that we're generally don't produce a lot of offense despite having four 80+ OV forwards. And I don't think it has something to do with players builds; - I can't accept the mid-tier PP stats as well. Honestly, it could've been some fun if I wasn't a GM and still had shitting the bed sheet Crick. However, I'M THE GM AND THIS IS THE BIG FUCKING DIFFERENCE! I practically promised all Riga players that we can win by assembling this competing roster. BUT HOW THE FUCK WE CAN DO THAT when the program called Sloth-IQ Tier Hockey So-called-simulator is throwing all of that nonsense constantly. As I said in discord, give me some free TPE so I can put all 99's to Kallis. And watch everyone how shit he will remain. And I'm not hearing the explanation that this sim chooses who will play good and who will underachieve even before they're playing their first ever game. If that's the main reason why a 86 OV goalie has .910 stat - I'm sorry, but we need to get rid of STHS, because it would be so dumb I can't even explain. I wanted to belive there is a limit of stupidity, but I just can't see the light in the tunnel so far. You know what's even worse? There are times that a member might write this kind of rant with even more curse words. And then he will regret he did that at some point. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Right now I'm triggered, absolutely triggered and beyond absolutely triggered. And I tend to not calm down for a long period so this is defnitely the media that I won't regret. I'm tired, I'm really tired. Tired of a feeling when I'm trying a lot of thing to just see that nothing is coming out. None. Of. That. fuck you sths Now I'm about to finish this rant and go demolish things around cause I actually don't cry. I don't even remember when was the last time when I actually cried, maybe in very early childhood days? Anyways, that's none of your business. That's it and I'm out. 6 TPE to KK
  5. this kind of garbage is what discourages from building good teams. cause at the end of the day, we're still seeing this absolutely crapastic nonsense domestic turkey IQ tier results Which time of the season Cricket shit the bed? can you tell me? cause I lost the count, this is how stupid this sim is.
  6. I've heard he actually was good in the vhlm
  7. A perfect successor of Kriketers right here
  8. this thread is some wylin ass people itt
  9. I'm really missing something. cause once again, it's me who got a pick, not Vancouver.
  10. I'm also annoyed by the fact that nowadays we should have at least 8 forwards and 5 defencemans to shut these bots down. and it's also annoying that these scrubs taking off deserving minutes from my players and fucking up our games.
  11. But not THAT much. only one forward got a 2 minutes PIM so I don't see why bots should've squeaked in. just taking minutes off from our players for no reason.
  12. may I ask yall what the fuck is this bullshit? β-RIG LW1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0/0 7:36 0:00 0:00 β-RIG C1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0/0 1:38 0:00 0:00 β-RIG C2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0/3 2:55 0:00 0:00 the same stupid crap in last game. and that's with 7 forwards. this bitch ass sim still acts broken and isn't doing what it's supposed to do.