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  1. oh god trivia isn't on this week's cards. Victor old meme is getting back in action. So we have that theme week, what could've been type of stuff. I had some moments even with my first ever player. And both of them moments were linked with Quebec. I'll tell you about the first one here. In the offseason after S47 I went to FA with Zeptenbergs since I had nothing to do in Cologne. Yeah some offers came in and at the end I agreed to join to Calgary. However, there was one another offer. The Quebec's GM Kesler also offered me to come back to his team so he would trade me immediately t
  2. 1. Well, believe it or not, Rose and Zod are gone. We'll be doin a little more draft picking. Do you think we'll have a strong enough team next season to comoete? I mean we were doing fine in S76 esp at offense. gotta go back to that roster and not buy a thing. 2. Looking at the VHLM, the Mississauga Hounds have only lost 4 games! Is there such thing as a guaranteed cup? Imagine. We all know how S74 went. 3. With maybe too many players in the VHL, the BoG has to do something. What do you think? Expansion? Another league? from what I
  3. That "dummy" GM himself became the first #1 OV first gen in a long time (before that it was STZ(?) in mid 30's). It all figures out I guess.
  4. so this sim gave us a win against Warsaw in my 10000 post party day. fine.
  5. I mean yeah? your current guy isn't gonna do much anymore, better have a fresh start.
  6. damage control szn continues. It's unfortunate that the roster never clicked properly, but at least Zod has a legit chance for a championship now. Good luck in Seattle @Matt_O! Also, welcome to Riga @Dtayl @Jurell Yurki!
  7. indeed. he sacrifised himself for boubs
  8. 1. We passed Malmo and Moscow and are now one point out of Davos' playoff spot. CAN WE DO IT? Maybe, even if I'm selling. but things aren't good for now. 2. Warsaw currently holds the league lead. Who do you see winning the cup? They actually could win it. Their offense is on another planet. 3. Is there anyone else thinking that @RedSus might break the all time TPE record? Not a lot of chances. We have a bit lesser TPE to get from compared to S60's. 4. If I eat myself will I become twice as big or just disappear?(hedge a
  9. damage control szn welcome to Riga @kentakira! but sad stuff, trading such an active locker room member like @MattyIce sucks for real. good luck in Helsinki!
  10. you sold me Kendrick's goalie for a first which turned to be useless anyways. also I remember when you were doing a lotto first for three lower first round picks trades. I guess we can say you were so ahead of your time, nowadays this type of trade would be a very good for anyone who does that.
  11. the guy who kickstarted my gm career by one single trade.
  12. ofc this imbecile ass sim engine is doing absolutely horrible job. just get hacked already and get lost