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  1. for Kallis media quote 8 TPE for Randoms media quote 8 TPE
  2. at least you got swept by eventual champs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I'm continuing to watch our player's playoff performance. It appears that only two players got 3 points. in 4 games. OOF. These guys were Edwin and Cast. What a suprise, isn't it? It's not like thay had previous seasons amirite? Unfortunately, it's enough with two guys even if they are superstars. Kastelic is the another of few guys who got more than 1 point. He had 2. By the way, his shooting percentage was pretty decent one - 12.50. Maybe he should've shot a bit more eh? Could've helped our offense probably. The most PIM's player was Hackett...what a surprise hehe. Considering that he also lead our team with 20 hits. He probably is going to eat for a long time in terms of hits as long as I don't put him in same pairing with Kastelic. Or I don't acquire a def who is hitting too. So I guess I have nothing more to talk about. Shouldn't be a surprise considering that out playoff journey ended after four games. And as I said, I don't care much about the rest of the playoffs. And the only time I checked the playoff index is today when I needed these bonus TPE for playoff related articles. So ya, see ya in next season and I hope in next playoffs too. bonus 1 TPE goes to Randoms
  4. So I have a chance at some more bonus TPE huh? Ok. Just saw our playoff scroing for the first time. All of our players were minus players. Except of Edwin and...Sigurdsson. I get it, he never played enough to get negatives, but hey we have Matthews who is -1 despite playing even less. So does it means Arnor showed his defensive potential? Stay tuned for the next season. Also, it was Apollo Hakcett with the most blocked shots with 13. The next big D thing in Riga after Kastelic is retired? Ok, Ryan has a career to S70 so Reno's player could become an award winner guy by his own by that time. I just meant we won't have only Slovenian defenceman with the superstar skillset. By the way, the worst +/- players were Cayden Saint, Chico Smeb and...HHH! @Beaviss YOU BUUUUUUUUUST!!!! They all finished the playoffs at -4. What a shame. The upside of this situation is Chico and Helmsley only played their first season in the big. So a lot of big things should happen to them in the future. And Saint also has three seasons left. So yeah, this is another random thing about these playoffs. bonus 1 TPE goes to Kallis.
  5. So, this us supposed to be some random ramblings about the S66 playoffs. And my thoughts about that. The second line Americans going through. I mean, I haven't watched their lines, but I assume both Jerwa and Puigdemont are second pair/line players. Yet, they were the best point scorers during the series against Vancouver. Which makes it more funny is they are both inactive below 500 TPE guys. I would've said BIG OOF to the Wolves, but they managed to take the series in 6 anyways. Glade reign in Vancouver continues. See what I did there? Reign? Anyone? Glade has gained a second life after he got traded to Beaviss. It's not like he was performing bad in Davos, but his peformance reached a new level in his new team. The playoffs are not different so far. 8 assists in 8 games makes him one of the best point scorers at this moment. He found an ideal team eh for his skills eh? Davos = new Islanders? They swept Riga in round 1, but Helsinki wants to do the same with them. It's too early to tell anything, but seems like the Titans didn't lose a step after convincingly winning a regular season. 2-0 lead isn't easy to blow if you're the S66 Helsinki. The Dynamo will need to do something extraordinary to turn this series around. Kallis Kriketers - second save %. What a shame. I'm wondering if he could manage to do these numbers in next playoffs. Or it's just better for all of us to see him going .890 in order to win the championship? 5.88% PP. LOOOOOOL. And I thought I could find the way how to make our power play more legit. Not in this playoffs, it seems. 48 PIM's never helped us either, but it definitely wasn't the only problem we had against Davos. Peace is still Davos leader. Guess I did him a favor when I traded him to Shawn. First, he showed his potential last season with 100+ point performance. His point totals was down this season for obvious reasons. But he remains one of these guys who is carrying Davos so far. So far, he has 8 points in 6 games. Looks like he should do even more in order to kick Hesinki out though. I'd like to point out that Svoboda who is mainly being a second echelon type of a player is being a solid these playoff too. 6 points ain't too shabby from him tbh. Honestly, I can't find anything else what to write about. I don't care much about the playoffs since our team is out. But I assume Helsinki has the better chance than the others. Personally, it would be interesting to see Vancouver win. Although it would be fun to poke fun on Beaviss and mention his 0 rings, but I wouldn't mind seeing him win too. Maybe Davos too, that could being more relvancy to them and not being a meme team anymore. So yeah, the end. That's it and I'm out. bonus 6 TPE goes to Randoms
  6. So I figured it out that I haven't written anything about playoffs yet. I'm using this time before I'll go complete drunktard to inform you that everybody all knows: my team Riga Reign was swept the fuck out by Davos. What a shame. What happened? It's hard to explain what happened. We were a solid team in the regular season despite having a whopping 9 forwards. And yes, it's harder to be good when your star players aren't getting max amount of chances. But is this the only reason? Probably not. And not every player was bad in playoffs. My fav punching bag Kallis was actually a good one in three out of four games. He def choked game 2, but it could've been worse. Edwin and Cast tried too. Yet, it was mainly the offense that couldn't get past the Davos defence and Davison. What a shame. Why it happened? I don't know why I did create another section cause I already was trying to explain something in the previous one. There are a couple of reasons probably: 1. didn't peak at the right time. I remember that our team was being almost dominant by the end of the reg season and the win it all. It definitely happened in S58 when we could take the Victory Cup at the end and then keeping this form in playoffs. The S63 was also an example. This season? We had a nice win streak somewhere before the mid-season. And ofter that, it was all about the inconsistency. So this could be the case of peaking too early; 2. Too much youngins. No diss here. But probably half of our roster consisted of rookies that were somewhere at 300-400 TPE range. Obviously, it was hard for them to hold off the league's superstars. It especially showed in our series against Davos. I see them being capable of trouncing MVP's in the future. But it wasn't meant to be this season. Well, they still have 6-7 seasons left to prove. 3. I can't do lines. Maybe this too. I don't know if this is a truth. But perhaps I never figured it out how to make an ideal 9 forward lineup to prevent this sweep happen. But is it even possible to win with unique three lines these days? Maybe. Quik tried in S64 and fared better, but even he couldn't avoid the sweep. Only that time it happened in the finals. My reaction. Some people probably were expecting me going ape shit like in S64-65 playoffs. Yet nothing of that happened. That's somewhat a shame, but I only felt a slight disappointment after the game 4. I even cracked up when I saw the shot totals cause it was hilarious. The whole ''good, but not good enough'' season was summed up in that game. Maybe because I didn't care that much, like in last two seasons. Or maybe because this wasn't even the only sweep loss that happened in my GM career. So obviously, being swept isn't the best experience that could happen to a GM or a player. We also could mention that we lost to a ''meme Davos team'', but it doesn't really matter. Sweep is a sweep, no matter of a status of an opponent. I only can hope this will never happen again (we also need to secure the playoff spot place in the first place in S67. I could see EU conf being a bloodbath and a half). Anyways, what a shame. bonus 6 TPE goes to Kallis.
  7. I'm gon be surprised if Helsinki doesn't wins it all this season sometimes the clear 1st place teams fucking up in playoffs, but seems it's not this case
  8. I'm still shit in English so...Cologne would be the right answer in this example?
  9. @Enorama I think we need to test golf clubs a bit more. Too many missed shots tbh. Can we get game 5 for that please?
  10. for real, we made some golf club tests on the ice already. it's a shame it had to be these series, but I think it will make our golfing more quality.
  11. 1. how disappointed are you with Cast's S66 performance? 2. how did Edwin manage to have such a fire second half of the season? 3. can we except Moscow doing big moves in a following offseason? 4. rate Kallis chances to choke the playoffs again. 5. in S65 draft, Vanvouver stole an active (at that time) goalie Joe Nixon from you. Then you drafted Owen May in the S66 draft who already passed Nixon in TPE. Are you laughing at them now? 6. how tragic is the story of Kyson Blake - from RoTY to a player that nobody needs in one season? 7. what happened with Tannahill? (that gregreg guy, not Vasteras) 8. could he be the biggest S66 bust for Moscow? 9. how much do you hope I will go back to 6 forward setup? 10. is there any chance that even 1 VHL team will only have 6 forward in next season?