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  1. hedgehog337

    HOF Articles

    mfw when this is being bumped when Freddy isn't on HoF yet
  2. hedgehog337

    (S51 Class) Hans Wingate

    he def knows the current Reign GM was a part of that Toronto squad. but it's Toronto Legion though
  3. hedgehog337

    General Manager

    I put my money @BarzalGoat is the next GM quote me when that happens
  4. hedgehog337

    S62 Group 5 Fantasy Draft

    Jasper Canmore @pennypenny
  5. hedgehog337

    S62 Regular Season Index

    just like every other rookie check this
  6. hedgehog337

    S61 Hall of Fame Induction

    yall better induct Freddy first though
  7. hedgehog337

    VHL Season 58 Retrospective Re-Draft

    It's @Kesler, inactive af now
  8. hedgehog337

    S62 Regular Season Index

    who the hell puts Morozov to scratch can't even put him to pro roster now
  9. hedgehog337

    S62 Regular Season Index

    @jRuutu's dream lineup. no wonders why he was drafted to Quebec
  10. hedgehog337

    [S62] Riga Reign

    Bonuses: (S61) C - Podrick Cast @Victor 2M -> 4M [2M bonus] (S61) RW - Edwin Preencarnacion @Tagger 2M -> 4M [2M bonus] * I believe they were 2M before the cutoff, but anyways I'm going to bump their salary to max 4M.
  11. hedgehog337

    CGY/RIG ; S61 off-season

  12. hedgehog337

    S61 Hall of Fame Induction

    yet another season without hof smh
  13. hedgehog337

    NYA/TOR S61 Offseason

    there's gotta be a part 2
  14. hedgehog337

    Benjamin Zeptenbergs wants to hear your questions!

    1. I think it was awesome for Riga. Getting a couple of active first gens is always a nice thing cause VHL needs fresh faces and out LR too. And I can't forget about Twinger too, that Cast - Twinger - Edwin line is gonna do big things in future. 2. Nothing really changed. We may squeak into the playoffs, but that's just because I believe this season is gonna be a three team race and then other teams. 3. Riga is still on rebuilding mode so yes, having more valuable picks is an important thing for us. But I doubt I could make a trade to get more picks as there is not player I want to sell now. So it's more like ''set on course'' at this moment. Thanks for the questions!