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  1. seems like @Pengu has decided to pull Ryuu Crimson more history incoming gg Moscow and see ya in next conference finals. I guess.
  2. tbh thought it's gonna be a tough challenge. We had a real good luck against Davos in reg season, but they were kinda on a roll as of late with letting less goals than previously. a surprising sweep for sure. gg @GustavMattias see ya in next playoffs I guess.
  3. *that's a handshake for those who are confused by this pic* It was a great time with you, Riga certainly won't be the same without you. Like for real, our playing style also gonna change after that. Also, thanks for pressers cause we all know I'm too sleepy for doing these
  4. he gave up on his dream to play his last season in Riga what a shame
  5. @hedgehog337 accepting Riga defeats gracefully
  6. that reminded me I need eat some cereal also, milk before cereal fite me
  7. DeFenz Mann and Rich Dickbutt McFudderdudder fight to a draw at 19:16 of 3rd period Riga on Riga Ottawa on Ottawa crime Rich Dickbutt McFudderdudder beats up Gino DiGiannantonio at 16:57 of 2nd period get fucked penny @Weretarantula supreme