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  1. 1) We're in the home stretch of the regular season and gearing up for playoffs. Are you still adding tpe to your build or just banking since we're performing? banking TPE when I'm not having a recreate. yeah, that's certainly a smart move. 2) It's a tight race for the goal scoring trophy in S70, and Moscow has three possible top snipers (Jaguar, Tocco, and Randoms). Who's going to have the most goals at the end of the season? think Jaguar will prevail at the end of the day. 3) Surprisingly, NA is much closer in terms of points than EU is this season. Which NA team do you LEAST want to face in the Continental Cup finals? well, Vancouver Meute seems a good team with a good offense. Seattle always pulling some tricks as of late too. 4) The media in Russia has recently been publishing articles about UFO sightings around Moscow. Do you believe in aliens/UFOs? Have you ever seen something in the sky you couldn't explain? the clone of Putin flying over USA and Europe 5) Bernard is currently the win leader among VHL goalies. Do you think this will be enough to get him some trophy consideration? Will it override his dreadful save%? 😂 we're riding save % dick so nah 6) Victor is planning to renovate the Moscow home locker room. Any suggestions on what features the design should have? the photos of Randoms literally everywhere as Moscow's great. like that North Korea fatass guy in charge
  2. 1. Ouch, we had an 8-game losing streak. Where does that leave our championship hopes? The chances weren't that high in the first place. there are certainly stronger teams for that, but that losing streak still sucked. 2. Which team has the toughest decisions to make this off-season? us and Helsinki. a lot of retrirements, inactives and regressing players between these two. 3. What finally turned around for us in the 6-1 stomp over Toronto? we finally got mad? I'd rather to see that against Malmo though. 4. What's the dirtiest move you've ever seen pulled in a hockey game? licking face, that's gross. 5. What do you wish would change about the VHL? sths being more kind to us. 6. What'd you think of the lone "blockbuster trade" at the deadline last week? that's your trade deadline these days, ladies and gentleman. nobody wanted to quit and rebuilders didn't have star players.
  3. I also think we should have two more points for two fifth places
  4. @Patrik Tallinder already defending an accuracy champ crown
  5. Patrik Tallinder the future if Riga is impeccable at shooting
  6. Damn Fomba. good to see @jared contributing though
  7. yup, Davison's back going strong once again
  8. I wish I had kind of these mid-season slumps
  9. 1) What is your player's favourite alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) drink? apple juice/cognac or brandy from alco 2) VHL recent repealed their trivia answer sharing ban. Are you happy about this or do you think everyone manually doing the trivia themselves is valid? gotta coppy paste myself - that projected punishment was doing nothing to fix that issue. 3) Which Menace player do you think is most likely to win their all-star skills competition event and why? Randoms. just a random answer 4) Smitty and Gritty have not re-signed in Moscow beyond this season. Please pitch them (and @ them) to convince them to stay in the motherland for at least another season. I thought Smitty re-signed? not worried about that though, Randoms is done following this season anyways. 5) VHL was recently canvassed regarding expansion locations. If you could choose only ONE north american and ONE european city for the VHL to expand to, what locations would you choose? Dallas and bring back Bratislava. 6) The S70 VHL playoff picture is becoming clearer. Who would you rather face in round 1? Helsinki, Prague, or Malmo and why? Malmo or Prague. Although I don't think Moscow should have much issues with winning against any of them in EU.
  10. 2. Who will be the biggest steal of the S71 draft? idk, maybe that Caps fan that joined recently? 3. Excluding current Riga players, which active players have the best argument for the Hall of Fame? Borwinn. Looks like Cricket about to be with him as well. 4. HHH and Julius Freeman are both among the highest-scoring players this season - do you think their concurrent success will help or undermine their case for the HoF later on? Might be. If they can susatain this pace for the remainder of their careers. 5. Helsinki has a +25 goal differential (3rd in the league), but somehow they're sixth in the standings. What's up with that? You gotta remember who handed them that big goal differental in the first place. Other than that, they're hella inconsistent. 6. What in your life has changed since joining the big leagues? My sleeping schedule became worse. Ironically. 7. What about the VHL (aside from STHS) confuses you to this day? How in the hell Bek managed to stay for so long in this league.