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Waiver Warriors: Sheldon Juniper


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                             After S75 has ended, crowning the Philadelphia Reapers the champions, I thought I would look back on the magical S74 run of the Waiver Warrior Miami Marauders. I'm going to look at what part Juniper played in the story.


      It all started around the middle of the S74 season, after Juniper ended his OHL season early to try to join a VHLM team. A bunch of offers came in, but he decided to sign with the Miami Marauders, who had picked up a lot of waiver signings, so Juniper was not alone on the team. When he initially joined, he was pushed down to the bottom of the roster to develop while emerging stars Cabe McJake, Addison McLaren, and Hulk Hogan Jr. took the spotlight. While the Marauders slowly inched their way up the standings, Juniper kept working and earning and getting better in the shadows. Finally, as the regular season was coming to a close, he Marauders were in a battle with the Philadelphia Reapers for the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference. It was around here that Juniper was moved up to the second line, and began to produce and make a name for himself. In the final games of the season, the Marauders pulled off some crucial wins, and secured the 4th seed. Juniper finished the season with 13 points in 37 games. After securing that seed, the Marauders went on to pull off a massive first round upset of the top seeded Halifax 21st, which sent the hockey world reeling. They then beat the second seeded Las Vegas Aces in the semis with Juniper scoring the game seven game winning goal to clinch the Marauders' spot, then swept the Mississauga Hounds in the finals. Their unusual amount of waiver signings earned them the nickname 'Waiver Warriors'. Sheldon Juniper finished the playoffs with 10 goals and 16 points in 18 games, including 3 game winners.



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