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Sirkants junior review


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If you're looking at Sirkants Klamasteris career so far you would notice that his road is almost a carbon copy of his idol Kallis Kriketers' career, before graduating to the big leagues. Just like a second ever Latvian Hall of Famer, Sirkants wasn't playing the game of hockey very seriously until a certain point. His hometown was a also contributing to this fact - Kuldīga was never known as the hockey city even by the Kurzeme region standarts. Mostly his child and teenage days were spent in some typical local tournaments until he was noticed by HK Zemgale/LLU representatives. Sirkants decided to not waste this opportunity and agreed to take his talents to Jelgava, the place where HK Zemgale/LLU was from. He played his first official games under Zemgale Juniors jersey, but soon enough he was called up to a main team since he proved to the bosses that he is good enough for the Latvian elite league. Like now in Riga, he started his career as the backup for more experienced goalie with occasionally coming up as the starter. He was a decent goalie, although it was felt that he still needs to adjust into the other team's atmosphere. It was still an unusual exerience for him comparing to the local events in his hometown. Soon enough, he started to feel better and play with more confidence and it was only a matter of time when he was ready to take over in the net as a starter.


The breakout season happened during his third year in this team. His team was never a truly elite team, but in that season everything changed for them. One of the reasons was Sirkants himself who managed to seize and opportunity and never letting it go. At the end of the season he was named the best goalie of regular season. This team was the case of being a very pesky underdog who was figthing for every single game despite never having stars. Their Cinderella story came to a dramatic end in the semifinals when they lost to a stronger team in 5 games (Latvians are using the best of 5 system). But it was apparent that the young and uprising Latvian goalie has something to say to the hockey world.


Soon after the season ended, Sirkants was contemplating the idea of trying the next step which was the NA leagues. Since his idol Krikets was playing in the VHL his choice was kind of obvious. He decided to send his application to @hedgehog337 agency and unsurprisingly, it got accepted. There was no doubt that his debut in VHLM was inevitable.


He got sent to the minor waivers and then was quickly taken by the Houston Bulls team. The rest is history.

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