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Prepping For The Draft


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Prepping For The Draft


This has been a very weird experience for me leading into the draft. This time around in the VHL I flew under the radar prior to the VHLm draft and suddenly am popping up as a potential first round talent. Being drafted is actually something fairly foreign to me as oftentimes I have stuck by the SBA and usually I hold a GM role and thus my player is not involved in the draft. Receiving PMs from various front offices has also been intriguing as during my time as a GM in a different league I typically found them quite useless when deciding between a small pool of guys. The difference here is that the VHL draft pool is much larger and in my opinion outside of the very top not extremely differentiated thus as a GM you must hit on the guys outside of the top five and then you can find some amazing prospects to continue your organizations' success. In terms of where I believe I will go in the draft, I believe that I could be a late riser for sure. I have earned near the max and have showed great activity. I hope to get another year in the VHLm (and may have to shave TPE to do that) but I will tackle that when I get there. 

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