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Berr thoughts S75 Part 5


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MAL has won the cup. Can't say I expected it, but I'm happy that the championship graphic will be pretty colourful. Also happy for Jungkok, who was a former Wolf. Wish it worked out better for you in VAN, but still happy to see you succeed on a team that values you.


PHI also won the cup for the VHLM, which is pretty cool. Ever since S73-74 I really stopped paying attention to the M, but it's kinda sad to see that both OTT and MIS, who I played for have continued to struggle in these past few seasons. Hopefully, they pick it up soon.


Offseason is officially here again, well at least for those teams that made the finals. For those who didn't make the cut or were knocked out in the early rounds, it's been quite a while, maybe 2 weeks so far? It's time to see if there's another debate of the offseason being too long.

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