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#AsktheBouch: WJC & Founder's Cup Champions


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Continuing to building off of the lack of success of #AsktheBouch series so far; we continue our sit down with VHLM Founder’s Cup Champion Robert Bouchard as he is progress towards his VHL Rookie season with the Prague Phantoms.


So you are Founder’s Cup Champion, how does it feel to win the Championship this season?

RB: It is actually a bitter sweat feeling actually as I am super happy but I also realize this is my last game in the VHLM and as a Philadelphia Reaper. It was an amazing run with ups and down all season but in the end I think that is why we were able to come together as team. It took a full team effort.


Overall, How do you feel that you performed during the play-off run for the Reapers?

RB: I was simply okay as I simply couldn’t get away from the other teams top lines as much as I would have liked so only scoring three goals and collecting fifteen points while on paper looks good since it was a point per game; I expected more from myself. But that is why hockey is a team game since it requires all the players on the team to contribute from time to time to win a championship.


Now looking a head to your off season, which starts in a few days. You have been selected to represent Team Canada at the World Junior Championship and we learned that you have been also named co-captain with future teammate Dominic Gobeil. How do you feel about your selection and what are your expectations for the Tournament?

RB: Honestly it was a great honor just to be named to the team but when I found out a few hours ago that I am going to also co-captain the team; I really simply am lost for words. It is a great honor and I look forward to leading the team as best as I can.


Expectations for the tournament are simply the same as I approach anything; I am hoping that we can make the play-offs with hopefully a bye into the semi-finals avoiding the 4th and 5th place game. This will give us a better chance to medal since it will mean that we will advance directly to the medal round and play one less game. It will be a good Championship and it would be nice to win Gold; if I am correct for the first time every for Canada in this format.


It is also very hard to predict or expect anything from the tournament since this is the first time I have played for team Canada and been apart of this type of Championship. I am prepared and the team is prepared so we will do our best and hope for the best outcome possible.


Do you have any expectations for Prague Phantoms in your Rookie season in the VHL?

RB:  Honestly, I am not looking past the WJC with Team Canada at the moment. I focus on my off-season a preparation for next season with the Reapers once the tournament is over, as it would cap a great season if I could bring more hardware home from this tournament. It going to be tough and requires all my energy and attention if that is going to happen. 


Any talk of Hardware coming your way from your final VHLM season?

RB: Nope, but again I am not focused on that plus it is out of my control as I played my best I could this season and if it is to be rewarded then so be it as I have already been reward with the ultimate team prize in winning the Founder’s Cup with the boys on the Reapers. As I stated in a past interview I tend to focus on the things that I can control, which is my play on the ice.


Next week VHL.com/XM Radio/590 we will continue the interview with Robert Bouchard in a segment called #AsktheBouch, as we follow the Canadian progress towards his Rookie season in the VHL and the World Juniors Championship as Team Canada lead by the Canadian looks for Gold.

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