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The draft is upon us! At least I found out it is because I got sent PM with a draft interview out of nowhere. After the down season for Minnesota, we weren't in the postseason and the break seems like weeks now.



As seen by the inquiries, the VHL interest in World Peace is... um, manageable. I will carry on though and persevere. If we're being realistic, with my TPE development I have no chance whatsoever to crack any VHL roster beyond the fourth line before my seventh or eighth season but let's forget about that because it is depressing. I know my player is never going to win any award but that's ok with me. Maybe I will find some role or niché to carve out for this guy - after this one it may be time to call it quits. It's harsh to see the TPE differences already to guys that are projected in the second round of this draft and that gap is not going to get smaller. Which is none other than my fault, this is by no means an attempt to point fingers. The only one responsible for my lackluster earning habits is myself, but it*s hard to motivate for a sport that I literally have never had any affiliation or contact with. That doesn't take away from the league itself and the community, which I enjoy.


If a team drafts me, hooray - if they choose not to, I also cannot blame them. Roadkill also played VHLM only so it's alright to go that route.

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