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Arthur Dayne - Continental Cup Champion


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Congratulations on winning a cup! Such a shame you had to do it after leaving us, haha! ;)


Review: 9/10! This is an awesome graphic! I love the text in the back, it's so subtle yet it pops so well! It adds so much to the graphic but doesn't take the focus away from the player! The contrast between the text and the player is perfect, and I just love the font of the aforementioned text. Gives me that sort of streetlights vibe, which honestly gives me chills. I do think it's interesting that you chose a top-down view and I love the fact you did that instead of a standard side view, it makes it look all the more flashy. I have a lot of love for this graphic. My only real concern is the name on the back, it says Hughes. I know it would be quite hard to find the font of the text and try to replace it but it sort of distracts me from how good the graphic is. Other than that though, this is amazing.

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