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  1. 1. Malmo has the 7th overall selection in the upcoming draft! What kind of player do you think would be a good fit on the team, are there any players that stand out to you? I don't really know who to pick, but I trust management to make the right choice 2. muffbeav was just acquired today for a pair of draft picks. What are your thoughts on gaining this great new member and player? I'm excited, not only is he a good player but he's a really good locker room guy 3. What expectations do you have for your player this upcoming season? I j
  2. 1. We earned a surprise spot in the EU Wildcard round! What do you think of our chances against Prague in the 5 game series? I say we just focus on playing our game and see where it takes us 2. Do you prepare for playoff games any differently than in the regular season? Not really but there is a bit more pressure 3. We've had some amazing defensive play from Viktor Alexei Kamenov this season. How huge (no pun intended) of a factor was the big Russian in dragging Malmo to a playoff spot? He's been great and he's been a crucial part of our blueline
  3. 1. The tank is well and truly on, do you think we have a solid shot at that 1st overall pick? Of course! Tank baby tank! 2. We've seen Brenden Telker pick up his scoring pace ever since Hylands was traded. Do you think he's ready to make that next step to be a real force for the team? Yes! I think he'll come into his own next season and he'll be a crucial part of the team for the future 3. Any bold predictions for a team that is currently in the playoffs that might miss out? LA gtfo rory 4. How important is it to have a solid backup goaltender
  4. 1. We currently sit 10-10-1 on the season. How do you think the team is doing, and what can your expect for the rest of the season? I think we're doing alright, we just need to string together a few wins and we'll be good. 2. Malmo just finalized a deal where we send MJ Frostbeard and a 3rd Round Pick to Seattle for Randy Marsh and a 1st Round pick. What are your thoughts on the deal and any last parting words for Frosty? I like the deal. I just wanna thank Frosty for acquiring me, so many people shat on the trade but we showed em and won the cup! 3. How do yo
  5. 1. Season 77 is finally here! How excited are you to kick off the season against Riga? I am looking forward to it and hoping for a bounce back season 2. Do you have a usual routine for being sure you are fully prepared for a new season? Not really, just try to have a good camp 3. Is the off-season a time for you to let loose and unwind? Or more of a time for you to focus on improving for next season? I'd say it is a mix of both. 4. Do you have a bit of cautious optimism heading into the season? Or have you pretty much accepted the fate of the team already? No