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  1. 1. We've found our way into 2nd place, do you think we can continue to stay here, or even come in 1st? HELL YEAH 2. What's one trade or move that you think me and Esso should do? Hold tight for now 3. What do you think the team needs to improve? Things are clicking right now so I don't know much rn 4. How's your players performance so far? A lot better than I expected 5. Philly just had a fire sale, do you think this was the right call? I think they're just tryna build a future 6. Does pineapple go on pizza? (your kicked off the team if you answer wrong ) Hell no
  2. 1.) We are at about the third season mark. What teams are most likely going to face off in the next Founder's Cup final? I couldn't say 2.) What is one trade you'd like your trade to do at this moment? Trade Lynch for everything 3.) The 3rd World Junior Championship Commissioner was just hired (congrats Frostbeard), meaning the S65 WJC is about to start. Do you think you have what it takes to represent your nation I don't think so 4.) Who are your early favorites to win some awards in the VHLM? MVP, best two-way forward, best defenseman, best goalie? My teammates will win everything 5.) What's one song that you listen to before stepping on the ice, that will inevitably pump you up and get you ready for action? Mad Men opening credits song 6.) Describe your VHLM team's General Manager and/or Assistant to the General Manager in 3 words. Wonderful, Helpful, Gas Station Helpful
  3. Forgot to include +10 lol, also how do I specify I wanna stay in the vhlm this season? @Beaviss