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About being drafted in a later round.


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The draft is coming soon (Hype!), every draftee are comparing their players with other players, with their teammates and with their friends. Some of you are new in this league and wonder when they will get drafted. Is it in first round? In second? Later? We all hope that its at least in second round, lets not lie. But what happen if you slip into a later round? Does this mean you will have a bad career? No!


I was myself a late 3rd round pick last season, 46th to be exact. Where am I right now? Waiting to start my first season in the VHL as one of Prague’s top prospects. Let me tell you what happened. Before my draft, I was confused about the whole TPE system, but I told myself I was gonna be drafted early anyway because I was highly active on discord. What a slap in the face I got when I was drafted 46th! It triggered something in me, its during my draft day that I decided that I wanted to be the steal of the draft. I still have a lot of efforts to put to call it a success, but I am on the right way to be considered a steal and I get quite satisfied about it now.


So, in short, what I wanted to tell you in that article was that even if you get drafted late, don’t give up. Use it to earn the title of ‘’draft steal’’. It’s a pretty fun challenge and you will be satisfied in the end. 😊

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