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Roque's last game in a hounds Uniform ?


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Top VHL Draft Prospect Phoenix Dawson takes the win on the draw versus Abe Roque in Miami Marauders zone, it’s a Pass to Ryan Ryker. Ryker moves it back to Dawson, Phoenix Dawson caught on the backcheck and  hit by Abe Roque. Ryan Ryker makes the puck retrieval in the neutral zone. Puck is dumped in Mississauga Hounds zone by Ryan Ryker. Puck retrieved by Feenixx Rising. Rising passes to Mikey Harris. Mikey’s pass is just too much, and Icing is the call by Mikey Harris. 4 vs 4 Lineup #1 is on ice for Miami Marauders. Theodore Hoffman wins face-off versus Abe Roque in Mississauga Hounds zone. Hoffman kicks a pass to Cabe McJake. Passes quickly up to Martin Master. Pass back to Theodore Hoffman. Pass to Master. Pass to Hoffman. Pass again to McJake. Pass goes to Master. Again pass back to  Hoffman. He waits and another pass to Cabe McJake. Fancy pass by Cabe McJake intercepted by Mikey Harris. Pass to Abe Roque in neutral zone. Abe Roque moves the puck quickly up into Miami Marauders zone. Abe Roque attempts a massive Toe Drag nearly grabbing the puck after sliding by the defender but loses the puck. Free Puck Retrieved by Mikey Harris for Mississauga Hounds. Shot by Mikey Harris. Goal by Mikey Harris - Miami Marauders : 1 - Mississauga Hounds : 2. ASSIST TO Abe Roque

Edited by Abe Roque
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