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Darryl McDagg: A New Generation


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The Grit Times Presents:

Darryl McDagg: A New Generation

The story of an unnoticed prodigy.


Darryl McDagg, son of Kristopher and Jamie McDagg, was introduced to hockey at a young age. With his father being in the VHLM playing for the Saskatoon Wild, Darryl would grow up in Canada. He would practice at the local ice rink every week of his childhood, as he loved the ice. Darryl was a B students who was never late, but never early. You could call him, 'average'. However, Darryl isn't just an average person, he would become much more.


While playing in Bantam hockey, he would light up the league with 77 points in 30 games. Always in the right spot, never out there for a -. Darryl would go unnoticed for his entire life due to him playing in a local league. No scouts would go there, nobody would besides a few parents. Darryl would still light up the league for the next 4 years, and he would still not be noticed.


Darryl had no intensions of playing for the NHL, he had his eyes set on playing in the VHL. He really wanted to play with his father, but missed him by 2 seasons.


Now, we go to Juniors. Darryl would still be a hot prospect with 88 points in 60 games. He would finally get noticed by scouts, but all discarded him due to his lack of size.

One thing you should know is that his father was 6'5". Darryl is 5'10". Scouts had no interest in taking him for their teams in the ECHL, so Darryl decided to take this positively...


"The VHL waits..." - Darryl McDagg [After these scouting reports.]


These are the words that Darryl has said. He knew that this would leave the entirety of the VHL open. He always wanted to go there but never thought he could, but now that the other leagues had no interest, all of his attention could go to the VHL.


Now, we flash forward to present day, where McDagg has signed up for the VHLM Disperal Draft of S76. Almost 10 years after his father originally played, he will put on the skates and show that he can play with the big boys. We wish Darryl the best of luck in his future, but we had one question for him.


We asked Darryl where he would like to go, he had one word to say...


"Saskatoon." - Darryl McDagg

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