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Luke Thornton - Veteran Presence


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Luke Thornton is only starting in his third season in the VHL, but he already feels like he was a veteran on the team in his sophomore season.


After being named captain of the Calgary Wranglers in his sophomore season, he was not being cursed of a player second season struggles. He was a point per game with 31 goals, he had near 300 hits and 25 blocked shots with a decent +/- and that made him a top 2 player in his class behind his cousin, Onde Sandstrom, by a hair.


Luke does not really know how it felt like being a rookie in his first season. He already had big responsibilities on his shoulders by being the anchor of the second line forward core and PP in his rookie season on a playoff. In his sophomore season, he was on the first line PP, the second line PK, in the 3 vs 3 lineup and first one taking the penalty shots leading the team to a Victory Cup. It just feels like he was just born for this, being an all around good player.


Now for this season, he hopes he can take another big step and becoming a top VHL player in the league, but his biggest goal is to win the Continental cup because it's the last real season for Tallinder, Jubis and LaFontaine. To do that, he needs to step up where it matters the most, the playoff.


What it feels like being a captain at such a young age?


For me, being a captain embody 3 C's on my chest in leading the team: Caring, Courageous, and Consistent.

Being named a team captain is quite the honor and I did not felt any pressure, it was just natural for me.

A captain is one of te best roles I can take for a team, and in life in general, because it teaches me how to be a team player, a mentor for people and how to lead oters and help them to improve.


I love the feeling of being a captain. It doesn't change the way I play or I think of myself and others, but it gives me a certain mental edge like my dear friend Isaac Hayden once said.


I always want to be better than how I was the day before and I hope I can be the captain of the Calgary Wranglers until I retire.

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