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Darryl McDagg: What's New?


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The Grit Times Presents...


Darryl McDagg: What's New?

The VHL's newest prospect.


Darryl McDagg, a new prospect on the radar, has appeared. At the time of this article, he is about to be drafted into the VHLM, but the VHL GM's should take notice...

He has a strong scoring ability, as well as anything that involves good hands. He is unlike his father, he doesn't fight or hit. He is built much differently, so he avoids contact.

However, he can still skate very well and bury the puck, so he should be good, right?


That isn't enough in the VHL game, you must constantly be training.

McDagg, however, does. Every week he spends 14 hours in the gym to improve himself.

He will always improve his game, and he will always be there to score some goals.


How good is he in the locker room?

Outstanding. He will always cheer a teammate up and he will always motivate the team.

He finds it outrageous that there are people out there who don't care about the locker room and just ignore their teammates.

Darryl also has a very strong sense of humor, as for he will always make a joke whenever nothing is going on. (Sometimes he just ruins a conversation with a joke.)


Darryl says his top team markets are the following...

Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver, and Malmo.

McDagg says he loves the players and GM's of all teams and he loves the cities, too.

He says he will improve his game as much as he can in order to play for any of these teams.

Darryl's primary focus is working on his hands. That means his puck handling, his scoring, and his passing.

Darryl wants to win as many scoring titles as possible, and if he competes, he might be able to steal a few.

There is no saying that he cannot, as long as he keeps up with his training, he can become a frontrunner.

His 'stretch' focus is working on his penalty shot and his discipline to make sure that he stays out of the box and can help on the shootout.

His least important focus is his fighting and checking since he will not be focusing on physical play.


We here at the Grit Times wanted nothing more but one question from him.


We asked him who is inspiration is, and he had one word to say...



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