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Petrov Waits


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Petrov Waits




The man, the myth, the legend, Aleksander Petrov, is ready to make a big splash in the VHL, and before he does so, he’ll have to spend some time in the VHLM. As the VHLM Draft is approaching everyone wants to know where “The Bulgarian Magician” is going. But, as we find out in this quote by Petrov, he doesn’t even care where he goes.


“I’m really excited for the draft, but I know that this is only the VHLM Draft and I shouldn’t get overly excited because it’s not the VHL Draft yet, but I’m still really excited. I don’t really care where I go either, as long as the team I go to have a committed GM who can help me get through juniors.”


Will the speedy winger out of Bulgaria be a first round pick? Or will he be picked up by a team in the second round? Questions that will be answered on the upcoming draft night.

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