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Luke Riggs Retirement Ceremony


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"Scrub. VHLM 4th liner. Champion."


Those are all words that can describe recently retired "3rd round steal" Luke Riggs who has never played a single game in the VHL. His career was spent 100% of the time in the minors. In his first season, Luke Riggs even got to play a few shifts in the VHLM due to being on a bad team like the Oslo Storm, but the next 2 seasons, he was on a very good Yukon Rush team where he was lucky to even step out on the ice during the warm up skate. That Yukon Rush team won 2 championships in a row, where Riggs had retired. Of course, his jersey will never be hung up to the rafters, or his name ever engraved on the cup under the 'Y' of Yukon, but to future scrubs, Luke Riggs will be an absolute legendary scrub, who retired on a high note, capturing the scrub dream, the VHLM Championship.


Long live Luke Riggs


Idk what this means but 


Yukon 2 Gud

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