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S39 Free Agency Tracker


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Bern Royals: (1/3)

Earl Parker (S39, S40)


Brampton Blades: (1/3)

Mikko Leskonnen (S39, S40, S41)


Bratislava Watchmen: (2/3)

Matthew Mira (S39, S40)

Vladimir Bodnar (S39, S40)


Minot Gladiators: (2/3)

TotallyNotA Bear (S39)

Matt Rielly (S39)

Carter Deaton (S39, S40) [Retired]


Moscow Red Wolves: (2/3)

Ludovic Kabambi (S39)

Nicolas Stormborn (S39, S40)


Oslo Storm: (1/3)

Moe Mills (S39)


Ottawa Lynx: (1/3)

Aelred Leskowsky (S39, S40)


Saskatoon Wild: (2/3)

Tobias Funke (S39)

Rick Roll (S39)


Turku Outlaws: (3/3)

Fernando Pergher (S39)

Guy Lukovski (S39, S40, S41)

Shadhu Rathod (S39) [Released]


Yukon Rush: (3/3)

Mario Corvia (S39) [Traded to Oslo]

Razzle Dazzle (S39, S40)

Vincenzo Valentini (S39, S40)

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