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Mine/King's Five Vacation Spots


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When I started writing this, I was tossed up between two locations for a potential vacation following the pandemic but ended up with five. So, in leu of just one place, I’d like to go as a player, with teammates, a member, and for family I’m going to go through my five in no particular order and list off why I’d like to go there and with whom I’d liked to accompany me.


Scottish Highlands, Also Edinburgh


Something many people wouldn’t know about me is that I love hiking. My ankle has never been good for it but dammit if the pain isn’t worth to get to that perfect spot where your field of view can cover this beautiful terrain you’ve just traversed and the Scottish Highlands are very near the top of my list of places I’d love to visit. I’ve only ever talked to one person who’s gone and they gave a brilliant review, including some amazing pictures you just can’t recreate. I’ve also tacked on Edinburgh as a feature as I have heard great things, not only about the city, but the welcoming feel you get from the people. It’s a Vegas Aces reunion for me. King, Blade, Fonzi, Fishy, Spartan, Adrienne, and Spartan. We’re gonna drink some homeland Scottish whiskey and have a grand ole time.


Sweden, Literally Anywhere


I hesitate to put Stockholm as I’ve heard it’s a bit hard to navigate the islands but regardless Sweden is on the personal bucket list. If you asked Moose where he’d like to live if he left the USA, it’s definitely Sweden. Whether I’m hitting an SHL game or two, going to the hundreds of tourist and native destinations in Stockholm, Abisko to the national park to see the aurora in the winter, or even Are to ski, Sweden is a personal pick.


The Glory of Rome


I love Roman history. It’s my favorite premodern civilization to study. So, for me I have to get to the city before anything more desecrates the coliseum. The drawback to Italy is that I’m not big on Italian food but honestly, is it really that I just don’t like the American take on Italian food? Either way, King would echo the sentiments of going to see Roman history at ground zero. The people, the place. It’s a place I’d love to see King take his best mates in the VHL (Ricer, Laine, Spartan, Prout, Fishy, Fonzi).


Kyoto, Japan


I would struggle with the language but King and his new London teammates are taking a trip to my boldly predicted the next VHL expansion city, Kyoto, Japan. It’s number one on any valid Japan vacation spots list and universally is regarded as the best of old-world Japanese culture while still giving you the modern vacation stuff every city can. I love Sushi as well, so that’s a big help to the cause. I will give Tokyo a little nod as well as even though congested, I’ve heard it’s a metropolis that you’d have to see to believe.


Country Roads


It’s a simple final here as I have to hit the mountains of West Virginia. One of my best friends goes every year and takes the most amazing photos. I’d love to go, see the horizon. I’ve been told it’s the most peaceful trip you could ever treat yourself to.

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