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Sometimes I wonder why I choose to roleplay


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I've kinda done this to myself. I chose to role-play a character that I honestly don't know very well. Over at the SBA, I made my player called Funky Kongo, and really, I didn't know him well at all. I remember him being super cool in Donkey Kong Country, but I didn't remember what he did. He was awesome in Donkey Kong Country 3, when he was running a shop and you upgraded your overworld vehicles using him. I really liked using the hover vehicle the most I think - the one that was basically a big tire with a fan. In Mario Kart Wii, it felt like he was the best character to use in most time trials, but I was a Daisy girl with Yoshi secondary. I can't drive with heavy characters for my life, and I hate having poor drift control.


When I first came here, I figured I'd try to do a Donkey Kong theme for each league. This league ended up getting King Kruul, and honestly it was a blast. I enjoyed building a big bruising defensive crocodile that hit people and racked up the penalty minutes. It felt great being able to play that way and it was a great representation of my character in the sim itself. With that said, I certainly feel like its harder for me to write pieces. The theme piece was super hard for me to write - if I was just role playing a human or just an avatar of myself but just projected, I could do simple things. Of course, me being the person I am, I made it so much more complicated than it had to be by forcing myself to write from the perspective of King Kruul. I honestly think that I should reconsider my strategy of making players, and when it comes to my next guy in the EFL, I think I'll have to go that way.


I do have to say though, that a part of this is definitely my lack of understanding of K Rool. I can't even use him properly in Super Smash Bros. All I end up doing is spamming the gold belly, the musket, and the crown toss. I just become a brainless degenerate when I use K Rool in smash. It's not a great feeling. When I really think about it, I'm not sure if there is anyone I can use well as a gimmick. Sure, sometimes it will be easy for you to fall into a trope and write about it, but for me, I haven't had that many experiences like that role playing. I think that I should just give it up.


What do you guys think? How do you feel about role playing your character? I'm curious.

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