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Hounds and Johnson


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We’re 57 games in and Miles Johnson has managed to carve out a decent role for himself playing for the Mississauga Hounds. Within those games he has managed to put up a total of 51 points with 26 goals and 25 assists. Most shocking about this is Johnson’s assist numbers with the highly scouted freshman primarily being a go-to scorer and has now come close to equaling his goal numbers with assists. He’s rarely worked on his playmaking but has managed to keep up with plenty others around the league. 

I’ve always set out to score each and every game. After all it’s what I train towards every day. Setting up my teammates just seems to be second nature for me and you can see it in my game. Don’t be fooled. I’m going out there to score. If my teammates can put one into the back of the net off of a play I’ve made then so be it..” - Miles Johnson


Though the unexpected boost in passing has provided the team some more potential to add in the W column, the Hounds are still struggling with a 23-30-4 record. Hopefully in due time this will change as Miles Johnson continues to improve.

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