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Trivium cracks 30 for 4th straight season

der meister

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London United winger The Terrible Trivium is sitting at a collapsible wooden table. There is a stack of glossy 8x10s, a pile of sticks, and a few other assorted pieces of memorabilia spread across the table. It's the day after Trivium notched his 30th and 31st goals of the season in a losing effort, and he's signing items for future charity auctions.


"I wanted to be drafted to London," Trivium says, not looking up from the stack of photos he's autographing with a red sharpie. "I wanted to be part of an expansion franchise, to help them establish and identity, and to help lead them to success. Four consecutive 30 goal seasons is great, but we've made the wildcard playoffs once and flamed out. If there was some magical way to trade all my goal totals for 4 straight playoff runs, I'd do it in a heartbeat. The city and fans of London deserve that."


He grabs another photo from the stack and stares into his own face, silently reflecting on a season that will almost certainly have the United once again miss the postseason.


"It doesn't work like that, though. I think that my best skill is my shot, and the more I can score to help this team, the higher our chance to make the playoffs. I probably won't hit 40 this year, but next year, I'm going to do everything in my power to break that number again."


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