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Douffet excited


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Just last week, Belgian goalie Soren Douffet declared his intent to play in the VHLM this season. Now, he has been contacted by two teams who have him near the top of their draft boards.


"It is exciting to be contacted by General Managers who I may wind up lacing up the skates for," said Douffet. "The two gentlemen who contacted me have told me they have me pegged as a first round pick. But, looking at who else is available, particularly at goalie, I would not be surprised to slip to later on in the draft."


Where and when Douffet goes is certainly something to follow, as there are two other goalies eligible for this year's draft, both further along in their development than him, leading many to believe he will go third of the three. However, if two teams have him pegged as a first rounder, it is entirely possible he could be seen as one of the better goalies due to his great potential.


His agent, Spangle, has reportedly been promising that Douffet will be better than Chouinard, which is certainly a lofty promise to make and one that will be difficult to live up to.


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