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Moved to off topic since it’s really not a suggestion for this league but would definitely need to be more fleshed out than this. Sim engine being the biggie.

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This would be interesting, I’d sign up. 

Theoretically, you could carry over the portal and just change it to different skills. Rather than puck handling and scoring, there would be racing attributes. 

However, the teams system is totally different. Hendricks Motorsports doesn’t draft racers, they sign them. No drafting whatsoever in NASCAR, so it would be heavy on contract offers and free agency and low on drafting from GMs.


You’d also have to rearrange the points system (teams and drivers both have chances to be series winners), contracts could be really weird, since there are no salary caps.


And regression. Some people win at 49 and others peter out at 29. Lots has to be done

Ultimately, I’m saying that NASCAR is not hockey.

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Don't think he means to make a huge league, probably something like Tower of Salem or the Chess tournament


What could be done is post a sign up thread with the information needed to be a racer and whenever you think you have enough, sim some races on whatever you use and after that upload the statistics. I can help out if you need an extra hand buddy, don't know much about Nascar though haha

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