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  1. I've been Quiet because Nothing's happened to me and I honestly don't know what to think
  2. Let us Talk about Walt Sanguinetti. He's a rookie, is unknown to the league, he's a mystery to some but very few know him well. Two gms with fighting over this player, if a GM has to fight over who gets this player and who he plays for you must be someone everyone should want. but who knows he's a rookie has a young son experience in this league who knows what he could become, he could become a superstar or you can become a bust. all about how he turns out and how he's used. it's about how he trains and how hard he works to get somewhere in this league. because everyone knows that you have to have that motivation, that work ethic, that fight to stay in this league to be successful. But I'm here to tell you about this rookie, this unknown player. He's only 21 years of age, he has a lot of time to grow. he's 6’3” 176 lb. for his height he is very small usual player of that height is around 200 to 210. He comes from a small town in North Carolina, of course, this town shall not be named for the privacy of everyone who lives there. this town was never a hockey town nor the state. hockey ratings from there went up and down every year, but you can really tell this kid loved hockey. He started playing hockey and played wherever and whenever he could training for numerous hours of the day not caring for anything except hockey during that time. from what he's told me his inspiration for playing as a defenseman was Pittsburgh Penguins star Kris Letang. He said Letang's way of being able to move the puck like a defenseman and being able to not only create offense but most importantly block shots and hit as best has some of the players in the league. he wanted to replicate that style of play the most importantly focus on that defensive end because that's in the name of the position. And as we see him start to grow and learn the league he's going to be a better defensive player but also help on offense at times it's needed passing the puck shooting getting through players doing what's needed for the team to win. I see a fire in this kid that he wants to show everybody that no matter how small of a town you grow up in you can still do great things and he wants to do those great things and show and inspire all those kids are thinking that because they grow up in a small town they're not going to go anywhere they have to stay in that town but he wants to show them that's not correct you can go up and Beyond what you think if you work hard and if you work every day to get to your goal if you can do it. But I think that most of the women out there are going to love his flow of hair that he has. Walt has been grinding non-stop throughout his past to get here. again we'll just have to see how he works how determined he is to be here and to be the best at what he does, that's what he's going to have to do he's going to have to grow. but it's all up to fate now I'm hoping the best for the kid but we'll just have to see. 587 words
  3. Accept or Confirmed or something
  4. Player Information Username: FusRoDah Player Name: Walt Sanguinetti Recruited From: Member (Nykon) Age: 21 Position: D Height: 75 in. Weight: 176 lbs. Birthplace: United States of America Player Page @VHLM GM