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  1. those people have been in the future gm line for a while now..
  2. 1. Indian Ocean seems heavily underrated, maybe in one of those like hydro planes that can land on water 2. I think it's more what @Kylradcould have done better 3. I love you 4. I don't understand how people are yellow light people, it's just so depressing 5. Nope, haven't got one since H1N1 a while ago 6. @Renomitsu
  3. Nykonax

    Jaromir Jagr

    Kyl Oferson - Defense
  4. tbf not everyone can rig after their first couple vhl seasons
  5. Kyl is a big AOT guy hmmm
  6. we're having a great time in the discord without you sonnet
  7. 2nd all vhl team better be an award in the portal...
  8. they go into discord and send a message, gorlab said it