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  1. So, as some may know, mainly just Riga and Esso I am retiring my first player, Elias Dahlberg. I think this is my 6th season currently, so it is a little early, I just don't have the TPE to fight regression, and I'm also ready to restart with a new player, I'll admit that I've gotten bored of Dahlberg. I guess partially that comes from being mediocre the past 5 seasons, except that one good season on Davos, which I'm kinda mad about cause we had a good thing in Davos but Shawn just didn't listen... The past 2 seasons once I got my final build I slacked with the TPE earning, and I just claimed 6 or so each week, didn't really claim practice facility until it came to the portal. I'll admit that I'm only writing this article to get an extra carryover TPE, since I would've been at like 49.86 or something. Now that I think of it maybe that would've rounded up and this whole article is useless, eh who cares. I'd like to thank @diamond_ace for being a great GM in Ottawa and keeping me interested in the league, my time on Ottawa was probably some of the best in the league. @Esso2264 for being my buddy early in the league, @hedgehog337 for trading for me and having a great team in Riga, glad I came there. @Motzaburger for being a great agm, and my teammates on both riga and davos during my time there. I'll see you all with Kyl Oferson
  2. http://efl.network/topic/12843-racks-on-racks/
  3. discord down?

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      Yes. It’s shit for me. This is why...


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  4. https://vhlportal.com/gameview/69/VHL69-246.html https://vhlportal.com/gameview/69/VHL69-189.html https://vhlportal.com/gameview/69/VHL69-178.html
  5. 1. Who wins Gold? World 2. Who wins Silver? Europe 3. Who wins Bronze? Asia 4. What player will be named tournament MVP? Shush Nyko
  6. Also note that the filter for changing quick to quik has disappeared when beaviss became commish
  7. I'll take free advertising for myself
  8. wait what, quik, quick FUCK THESE NEW BLUES
  9. i'd also believe that jersey swap, although logo seems a little big. Take the heal tool or something like that and just cover the under logo, then place your new logo. https://simulationhockey.com/showthread.php?tid=66923 ^ decent guide if you can stand the horrible formatting
  10. it's definitely a sig 400x300 is somewhat standard. obv not as popular as 400x200. I think it's 400x300 at least, or around it. @GustavMattias 1. Render placement is weird. It feels a little small. A tip from gorlab was to place it so the top of the helmet is off the screen, kind of like whats going on in your lefthand sig 2. Render looks out of place, it's too bland for what's going with the rest of the background. I'd play with levels/curves and get some more changes to it. 3. Your text looks like one layer where you typed "Jared Spaz" and just pressed enter after Jared. Make multiple text layers so you can move the words closer together. 4. The effect on the text doesn't really fit in with the rest of the sig, although it is kinda cool 5. Maybe move the render close to the middle, it's usually a good idea to have the eye drawn to the render and since it's off to the left the main thing im looking at is the big Spaz in the middle 6. The background and the diagonal stock thing is cool, i like it. 7. Dunno whats going on with the glove and pants, it's like there's something overlaying it thats making it look off colour. 8. Try adding some lighting to your sigs. An easy way to make it look like there's lighting is to take a soft brush, size 200ish, and put the flow onto 20%. Then click above the head once or a couple of times. If you don't know what I mean just dm me or something. also i think your sig for berocka was the best thing youve made Do you use photoshop? I'd suggest downloading Topaz labs. If not I'll hook you up with photoshop if you want.