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  1. Nykonax

    S64 VHLM Dispersal Draft

  2. Nykonax

    The New Guys

    Oslo = new Yukon?
  3. Nykonax

    GM 8: Jolt Juice vs TNG

    Alexander Pepper (JTJ), 5 saves from 9 shots - (0.556), L, 1-2-0, 17:33 minutes yikes
  4. Nykonax

    GM 6: Jolt Juice vs Haterade

    Maybe we should shoot more? We've had 28 shots in 2 games. But good win none the less
  5. Nykonax

    Dahlberg Pre Draft Card

  6. Nykonax

    S64 WJC Commissioners

    I'll do it
  7. Nykonax

    Davidson vs Wahl

    Davison also played on a terrible Ottawa Lynx with no defensive core - probably why no shutouts
  8. Elias Dahlberg is here in the studio and we're going to ask him some questions about his time in the VHLM, and the draft. How was your time in the VHLM? Where do you think you'll go in the VHL draft? What have you done to improve yourself this offseason?
  9. Can still get a pass first at 6/9 (heh)
  10. Nykonax

    Yukon Rush - Assistant to the GM

    I'll toss my name in I GM'ed Asia to Silver (although that was all pepper) and I'm active in discord and forums
  11. Nykonax

    Player profile

    Feedback: I'd use some more punctuation. You also have some spelling errors and capital errors. Otherwise pretty good
  12. Yea, cause shawn will beat spade up if he takes me
  13. Nykonax

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1. We had a influx of new members recently thanks to a big Reddit recruitment drive. (If you are not new to the site) Are you scared about the new competition stealing your thunder? I'll just feed off these newbies 2. Do you have any idea for the Recruitment Team regarding new avenues to recruit new members? Nope, the only thing I'd think of are facebook ads 3. Were you surprised that the Saskatoon Wild disposed of the Ottawa Lynx so easily in the VHLM Founder's Cup Finals? No because I didn't show up 4. Do you think the Calgary Wranglers have what it takes to complete the comeback over the Riga Reign in the VHL Continental Cup Finals? Clearly not 5. Any VHL team you'd prefer to be selected by in the next VHL Entry Draft? Davos 6. What are your objectives for next season? Get points, tpe, girls, and win