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  1. if you right click and go to view image, then copy that link it will post the image and not the link
  2. Vhl hates boomers confirmed
  3. seems like a lot of numbers that i dont understand. Stamkosfan was also my agm for about 2 hours, so you can leave stamkos out of that tbh. I say because of that these numbers are bullshit and need to be recalculated
  4. Breaking: Davos - New VHL GM Jerry Garcia @GustavMattias has reportedly taken top VHLM player Kyl Oferson to a secure facility in the swiss alps. Sources close to Garcia inside the organization say it was appalling what was done to the player. Garcia has had a history of weird things during his tenure in Mississauga, including calling Halifax a cult, which was found to be true according to Halifax insider @Berocka. VHL hackers broke into the hockey clubs secure server and were able to access videos of the atrocities that Oferson was made to do. In the video Oferson can be seen dancing, forced by Garcia to do so for his personal gain. Some VHL players saw the leaked video that was uploaded to the video sharing site "Youtube" and had things to say. Apollo Hackett @Renomitsu - "I wasn't able to unsee what I watched, it was just brutal the things Garcia forced Oferson to do. There's no place in the VHL for those type of people. Garcia should be removed from his position immediately." Guy Sasakamosse @Cxsquared - "Just horrible, I'm not going to say anything else, if you want to know more check it out for yourselves, but I must warn you"\ Brick Wahl @BladeMaiden - "The fact they'd do this to the promising star is terrible. I feel so bad for him." Joseph McWolf @McWolf "Can't believe they forced him to do those things. If I was the commissioner Garcia would be fired right away." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7EhTeVxsvQ&feature=youtu.be
  5. the real crime here is reddit light mode
  6. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/44246-idk-who-tubbs-is-but/
  7. 3. Seattle has a team of very active players, mostly from Season 67 -- which means none of them have faced regression yet. But it also means their salaries will keep getting higher based on the TPE scale and they're already at the cap; how will they deal with that? Trading people away for picks or cheaper players 4. Who's the suavest player on the team? Used to be Dahlberg but gotta say its Codrick Past now 5. The boss is always sleeping. What's the weirdest thing that's happened that he never knew about? Weirdest thing? Definitely @Renomitsu making a good pass 6. Who are your front-runners for Most Improved Player next season? Guy Sasakamoose easily, got like 2 goals and 14 points last season 7. Who do you think the next Davos GM will be/(if already selected) what do you think of the new GM selection? Seeing the new selection, I say we bring back Shawn 8. All I ever see in trades are players and draft picks. What's one weird thing you'd like to see brought to the table for trades? Weird conditions like articles having to be written about the other GM
  8. and you too, apparently. I will support the #DilOverthrow when it happens
  9. wow much index. very players. 10/10