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  1. I understand it for a VHLM thing, but just don't hire VHL GMs who are going to nuke their discord if a mod wants to look at something?
  2. if teams could choose their banner this is the winner
  3. almost voted #1 cuz my name is on it but love the text on 2
  4. The cup hangover seems to be real for the Vancouver Wolves, who after tonight's sim are sitting outside a playoff spot. The reigning champions are currently 6th in the North American conference, boasting a 5-5-0 record. The Wolves are playing .500 hockey, but expectations are high for the team and they currently aren't meeting them. So it begs the question... what is wrong with Vancouver? The team saw a bit of a shake-up in the off-season, so maybe it's just new players adjusting to eachother. Or maybe it's a weaker defensive core. Or maybe it's even just bad luck. The Wolves do still have potential, two nights ago they lit up the DC Dragons for 13 goals, the highest scored in a game in 61 seasons. They have the most shots per game in the league but are shooting at an astonishingly bad 5%. Last years Wolves shot at 9%. Looking at the teams PDO they have a 95.9, which is very unlucky. Sources in the org say the Wolves have shaken up the lines at practice, most notably veteran addition Aloe Dear @Renomitsu doing drills with the rookie 2nd line, while Jivere Zolnek @Sixersfan594 returns to his spot between the two Reinharts on the first. Only time will tell if Vancouver will regress back to the standard, or if they will continue being unable to find the net.
  5. i didnt get tagged smh. Lemiuex is a D btw F - Alex Johnston @Vkobe-v
  6. @samx i should also have f - jerome reinhart on my roster D - Jaromir Lemiuex @Seabass
  7. hi captain: Henry Tucker assistant: Tyler Reinhart assistant: Jerome Reinhart go wolves!
  8. 1. The part where we win 2. One molecule on it's own no, multiple together yes 3. I listen to a mix of rap/edm 4. Nikola Tesla 5. I don't have plans for something happening in a year! 6. Never, christmas is overrated
  9. 4 months ago??... insane
  10. The Vancouver Wolves have shook up their roster a fair amount in the off-season following their controversial Continental Cup victory. The reigning champs saw the deperature of mid-season acquisitions Jeffrey Pines and Dakota Lamb, while S80 prospects Hari Singh Nalwa and Omi Aberg will be filling their respective slots. Markus Emerson Jr also announced his retirement, and the Wolves decided to bring in veteran New York Americans goaltender Thadius Sales, instead of letting backup Aike van Giersbergen take the spot. Free Agency also saw the Wolves pick up centre Aloe Dear, who joins the team looking to add another 100 point season, awards, and a cup to their already decked-out trophy case. S81 will certainly see a familiar, yet different Wolves roster, one that management thinks is even stronger than the cup winning season 80 team. Both the Reinharts and Kitson have improved their game over the off-season, and Kitson especially will be looking to step up on the first pair of the Wolves, a spot that he can now fill.
  11. i wasnt homer enough tbh
  12. eh doesnt matter. when i played minecraft there was this guy called "Valinax" on a sever I played, so I stole the second part of his name. Staying the same is fine, changing to remus is fine, or just going by Ledge is also cool.
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