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  1. D - Micheal Gary Scott @Acydburn
  2. 1. Playoffs baby! How does it feel knowing that Riga has set a new VHL record for consecutive playoff appearances? Nothing special, we'll just beat it again next year 2. What gives us the edge going up against our first round opponent, Moscow? Probably our offense 3. What player(s) should we focus on neutralizing when it comes to Moscow? Is anyone on their team worth neutralizing? 4. With the season almost over, who is your choice for MVP (in the league or on Riga)? On Riga I'd have to give it to Tate for sure, with Hackett gone he's stepped
  3. make sure to give this guy a lot of short-handed time
  4. G - Jean-Pierre Camus @GustavMattias we done methinks
  5. Nykonax