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  1. RESUME Mike Hockertz email whatever else EDUCATION Masters Degree in Sales and Buying Logistics - 1.7 GPA Bachelors Degree in Sales and Buying Logistics from University of Alabama - 2.0 GPA High School Degree - Graduated with a 2.3 GPA Middle School Degree - Graduated with B- Elementary School Degree - Graduated with A+ WORK EXPERIENCE Junior Buyer 2013-2019 - Secured quotes from vendors of required resources - Tracked purchase price, quality, and delivery speed - Bought and resold girl guide cookies. Quality Assurance Dummy 2012 - Tested the safety of scrap cars bought and resold - Tested the safety of resale items such as can openers and jetpacks Best Buy Employee - March 31st 2011 - April 2nd 2011 - Sold various electronics to consumers - Played with the beeping security sensors on company time SKILLS Multiple hours in the Office 365 Suite including Excel, PowerPoint, and Word Strong communication and negotiation skills Able to wrangle a snake up to 9 inches if needed can improve this however, especially the job descriptions
  2. the resume can't be too fake, it needs to look somewhat legit for them to continue if that's your goal
  3. wow way to rub in that i didnt make playoffs
  4. Nykonax

    Clown Cast ep 1

    expansion shit at like 20 mins @Matt_O @HulkHogan
  5. I know what the rules are, im saying that's what it's should be changed to.
  6. I think it should still be a max of 3 seasons, but change structure to: 1 season - become RFA 2/3 seasons - become UFA
  7. make no text official and with text an alternate? or other way around maybe.
  8. if davos keeps playing like this i dont think theyll make the playoffs
  9. voted yes, guy obviously is incompetent and has no idea what he's doing at the vhml level.