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  1. Vancouver Makes a Trade (or two) As someone who has been drafted by the Wolves, I sure see myself being thrown to them both figuratively and literally. Gino is currently on a path to be the biggest centreman on the team, and with the trading of Triple HHH (not a typo btw, this is in his birth certificate, check it out), Vancouver is looking to be a bottom feeder team this year. They did not expect this trajectory, but this is how things go sometimes. With the trade, coveted and prized GM, Beaviss was seen yoinking a 1st and a 2nd round pick. While these may seem light for the likes of Quintuple HHHHH, there were reasons that it was made. One for example, Vancouver was absolutely biffing it from the start. They had no chemistry, no value between one another, and they never ever would let Gino give them the proper checkups every week. This led to a lot of circumstantial incidents between the players. Double H was seen beating up his sack vigorously throughout the week. Media says that the sack was none other than Gino DiGiannantonio. Because of this incident, Beaviss said he had to take care of the negativity in the locker room – and threw Single HHHHHHHHHHH off the team. The rest of the team was unhappy about the decision, and ultimately, we are going to be looking at a team that is extremely fragmented and weak over the months. Give it some time, you may see something change though. Maybe Gino goes off, who knows? I sure don't know.
  2. Beaviss, and Why He Is Cute and Nice Beaviss, he is a prime specimen. An absolute asset to this community. A wonderful, wondrous man that has absolutely no flaws or breaks in him. An absolute gem in the VHL community, mostly for his passion in working with team members, players, or when he was running the VHLM temporarily. He is a big reason why I am part of this community, and I know people do not really like me, and that’s okay. I don’t mind. The first time I came and joined this community, believe it or not we still had to claim through forums. You would have to make a “Claim Thread” for your own character/player, and post everything that you had finished onto that thread. It was very time consuming, and honestly draining to do. So, I didn’t really do too much in the beginning with the community. I had worked on being an active member from the start, but I was not too familiar with everything that was around yet. Practice Facility, you had to post 3 times in 3 separate game threads and copy them over for 1 TPE. Sounds like a lot of work compared to the click you gotta go through nowadays, eh? What does all that have to do with anything? I suppose it really does not mean a lot for most people, but Beaviss did take me under his wing and he showed an appreciation, a want to help for me and my gimped way. I was not familiar with any sort of sim league at this point, so the fact that he wanted to be such a big help and grateful leader to me was gracious. I am currently on my second player, over 2 years since I first joined this community. I gotta say, I am awfully grateful that I had him helping me throughout it all. I even managed to be snagged on his team for this new player, and I do hope that he will contribute and be beneficial to the team, and especially for Beaviss since he’s such a polite, kind, and good dude. Without his help, I would not be around in the league anymore, because of the learning curve that I experienced in the beginning. He may not necessarily be an “unknown” member, but he is without a doubt a great contributor, a great GM, and beyond all of that – a great person I can graciously thank for all of his help and work. He’s made me a better player in the VHL, and he’s shown me some places in Edmonton that I will gratefully be going to soon, one day when all of this Corona dies down and hopefully is completely eradicated from this God given Earth. When that day will come, I do not know – but I know for certain, and that is whenever he comes here, comes back around to his lovely stomping grounds. I will take him out for a lovely pint, and some lovely tacos on top of that. Thanks, Beaviss. Thanks for showing me around and making me a part of this community.
  3. 2. Well, they were definitely a great team. Between them and Moscow, it was definitely a 50/50 between the two. They did well, and I hope they continue to do well for their possible threepeat. 3. Let me tell ya, as a member of the Wolves - I really didn't expect us to suck so much ass. Maybe one day we'll perform. 8. I would dare say Davos finally makes a run for it, but I could definitely see the Bears going for it all too. They'd be a wild final round. 10. I went out and walked around the ledge downtown. It was nice, and fairly warm. Bloody tired though. 12. Hopefully get back into work, I'm dying without any actual production going on. 13. A nice lovely donair poutine - one of the greatest Edmonton creations known to man. Greasy, filling, and delicious.
  4. Penny’s Thoughts There seems to be a lot of pressing issues going on in the league, and a lot of gerfuckles that are causing some real spicy debacles in this here VHL. From the “dismissal” of Bannock Cock, and the “ban” of Rayzor, there seems to continue to be some real spicy, real interesting things going on in this here league. I haven’t been around for two weeks of it since I was bent – but being bent is the cycle of life. Without the bend, you’ll never be able to angle anything. I’ve been put to a 90-degree angle, so I guess you could say I’m always right. Since I’m always right, I want everyone to know that Gino will be spicing it up in the next season, when he inevitably goes and shoots 100 pucks for 100 goals. I know what you’re thinking, it’ll never happen! However, with a little bit of work, and a little bit of strength training – I think we’ll be seeing the next man that stretches those stat boards up straight to the top. Remember that.
  5. 1. Gino has to whip some more ass, as he is obviously not whipping enough ass. 2. #ForDaCup 3. They better fucking pick it up, I am tired of looking at his point totals. 4. Yea, it's pretty cool. Not as cool as abstinence, but we all know that. 5. Who's Gritty and why is he on here this team? 6. Who doesn't store their glasses facing up? If you put them facing down, you're an absolute freak.
  6. Gino Does Vancouver There’s been a lot of speculation of what’s been going on in Vancouver, regarding a man certainly distinguished by the name of Gino DiGiannantonio. Well, to be completely honest with everybody reading, there is no idea what is going on right now in Gino’s head. His head is absolutely locked and stowed away for the future, and currently he is unable to give answers or rhymes as to why he is no longer speaking to anyone. It may be the fact that his team is not doing as well as he’d hoped for, or the fact that he is not doing as well as he’d like to have been. The true answer really comes from within though, and it’s whether Gino was ready for the VHL yet. He may have had the strength and shooting ability, but the only issue with Gino is the fact that he is unable to really score on the big goalies of the VHL, compared to the VHLM bunch. The Vancouver Wolves have been a team touted to be a top tier bunch for this season here, but the harsh reality is that they’ve not been able to really get anything going as far as good momentum goes. They’ve split so many games and lost multiple times in very winnable scenarios. The GM, Beaviss has been on record talking to Gino about whether he is here to play the game. Gino always insists that he is the best he has ever been, and always goes out there to put 100% of his energy and power into every game. The likelihood that Gino has been playing injured is remarkably high, since Gino was seen in that eventful fight that is uncharacteristic for him. Despite winning commandingly, Gino has not been the same since he got that extremely sharp punch to the throat. This could be one of the major reasons as to why he has not been talking to media, press, or teammates. Then again, he can be a very solemn and quiet man, so the idea does not hold the greatest weight to it. Since the whole fighting debacle Gino had, there’s been a big drop in his physicality. This could be determined to be the turning point of his season, and perhaps a turning point in his career. With a fighting win to his belt – there’s no saying whether Gino would be able to handle a second fight in this season without being knocked out or permanently injured. His whole career rests on his choice to become more of a physical competitor or stick to the shooting and passing that he was well known for in the VHLM. One thing is certain though, and that is that Gino is willing to put himself out there for his team, and willing to lose or win for anything that they seek. He has continued to put his heart and soul out there, and he will be doing that for as long as he is around in the city of Vancouver.
  7. D - Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen @.sniffuM
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