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  1. Gino’s Thoughts on the VHLM today There is an incredible amount of beauty in the VHLM. There’s nothing but a bunch of certified beauties around. Right now, the VHLM is having a LOT of parity, despite the 1st team in the Ottawa Lynx being absolute beasts. The 2nd and 5th team are only 3 points apart, with the 6th team being only 2 points behind. There are a lot of beauties in these teams. The defenseman in San Diego, Kulikovich is rolling the league in assists, but so is Zyrok12. Although they’re both in the same category for assists, and both defenseman – Kulik has 7 more goals. Gino currently has 3 hat tricks as well in the last few games, so there’s been a lot of beasts. ESPECIALLY OVER IN HOUSTON. Houston may not be the best team, but they just recently got an amazing player in Roadkill Steve. Roadkill Steve has only played 14 games, but has already gotten 4 hat tricks, 22 goals, and 16 assists. This man is absolutely tearing it apart. Let’s talk about a man who should lay off the penalty minutes though. Bo Burrows of the Yukon Rush. 24 games played and 50 penalty minutes? On my team? Let me tell you something Burrows. You need to stop it right now, and start being a more productive player to the team. Getting a penalty each game is unacceptable. You need to step up your game and be a better player. If you keep showing off your sticking ability and penalty acquisitions. I oughta no longer give you your daily teeth cleaning Burrows. So step up, show some respect, and do BETTER DAMN IT.
  2. Gino’s Hat Tricks Gino’s hat tricks. Gino’s hat tricks. Gino’s hat tricks. That’s how many hat tricks Gino has gotten in his last few games. There’s an allure to Gino DiGiannantonio’s ability to put pucks in the net, and his ability has increased tremendously in the last few games. Gino is one of those players that you never know what you’re going to get at first. First off you can have millions and millions of goals, but the next minute. You only got an assist in 10 games. Gino is an extremely fickle character in this regard. However, what Gino doesn’t lack in, is his ability to get his teammates amped up before a game. Right before every hockey game, Gino makes sure to perform a dentistry check up on every single player. Zyrok12, Sheilds, and Gino have been putting up some crazy numbers. The Yukon Rush are currently on a 6 game winning streak, where they are STOMPING and RUINING the opposition. Even the Ottawa Lynx didn’t stand a chance against the Yukon Rush. Even though we’re 6th in the league at the time, we took it up a notch and really crushed the opposition. We’re just one of those teams that start slow and build up and really crush everybody along the way. There are many things that others would worry about, but we are not worried about anything. All we do is win, win, win, no matter what we do. Zyrok12 is currently the 2nd highest defenseman in the league, as well as the 2nd highest point getter for a defenseman. There’s a lot of room for improvement though. Although he may be the 2nd defenseman in the league, he is not finished yet. He still has a lot in the tank. You know every single time Gino scores a goal, it’s on the heels of Zyrok12 and his lovely passing. This is now a Zyrok12 appreciation post. Zyrok12 is a beautiful defenseman, and the only reason Gino can do so well. Gino loves everyone equally and takes care of everyone’s teeth equally in the locker room – but every time Zyrok12 is around, he makes sure to take extra special care of his teeth. Every single bit of his gums properly scrubbed and cleaned – right before Gino gives him a lovely toothbrush to take him to use before his next game. Zyrok12 has a lovely smile too. His smile is so adorable, and Gino always knows that he’s getting a beautiful pass because he sees that twinkle from Zy’s pearly whites. The Yukon Rush will now be getting daily teeth scrubs by Gino DiGiannantonio. Every time Gino scores a goal, he makes sure to go back onto the bench and give Zyrok a big back scratch and a pat on the helmet. There is nothing more satisfying than giving Zyrok a big back scratch and a pat on the helmet while playing the beautiful game of hockey. Goals and goals, they keep on scoring. That is all we do. Yukon Rush boys, this is us. This is family. We are the Yukon Rush, and we will never let down. We will win the cup this year, boys. Let’s fucking go.
  3. 1. Gino is an absolute beauty. If only he was better than usual. I see some ridiculous numbers in the VHLM and he ain't the one putting them up. 2. Probably will be Zyrok. He's just a D-man with an assist machine stabilized to him. He ain't stopping anytime soon. 3. PLAY THE STARS. i need my points damn it. 4. Oh yeah, they'll finish 3rd. They're just having a bad start to the season. 5. Dog probably, but I live with a lot of cats currently so I am suffering I got allergies to cats too so it's all whack 6. Learning guitar, been just relaxing and living my life I suppose. It's been a boring solace.
  4. ur still shit, I woulda won either way you fucking doink
  5. Who’s WW. I’m survivor I win with anyone so who’s promising me protection
  6. Vote Rayzor If you feel like hanging the WW, push this.
  7. Penny’s High Rant on the VHL I am currently stoned out of my mind good morning. I just want to do a quick shoot on the VHL and who’s in it. I tell you what, I am so pissed off every time I go into a sim league and see an inactive like Spade18 dominate. Like come on man, I put my heart, sweat, and tears into Gino. He is so sweet, and you’re tearing him apart just like the rest of the league. It makes me sick seeing that man do so well. Also, speaking of men who did well. Whatever happened to Bobubabi. He got unbanned and he just ain’t shit anymore. It’s like that unban ruined any sort of legend of him anymore. I would not want to be associated as his son ever again from here on out. It makes me sick to see Moscow doing as poorly as they are right now. Jet Jaguar is an absolute lick and the rest of the team’s not following his lead and really working towards getting a lot of wins and scores. It is unbelievable how much of a lick Jet Jaguar is, because Gorlab is the bonafide beauty. I challenge anyone in the VHL to compete against me in a Typeracer match. @ me if you’re down for the fight. I also gotta say, I am tired of seeing Beaviss and his players be so OP right now in the VHL. It’s like, how can someone so cute be so devastating? It’s crazy to me. I know HHH is going to win the leading scorer title though, because he’s a certified beauty 100%. Don’t @ Me. Unless you’re @ ing me to 1v1 in typeracer.
  8. The State of the VHLM The VHLM may be the minor league of the VHL, but there’s still a lot of great competition and powerful players that’ll be making a great name for themselves later down in the VHL. Currently, we have a tremendous gap of skill in the division of forwards. Adam Syreck and Richard Penisson are both up there respectively, 36 and 32 points each in only 11 games. a ridiculous stat that is only exemplified by their team’s ability to reach to the top – going 10-1 in that timeframe. The fact in the matter is that the VHLM is almost a crapshoot every single year, because of all the new competition and blood that makes its way into the league. For players like Syreck and Penisson to be putting numbers up like that, they got to have a good chemistry and a good balance between each other as far as playing goes. They’ve built an incredible chemistry in such a short amount of time, and that’s what puts the ball rolling on these teams to rock out so early on. Other bridges that lead out to this sort of thing may include a certain Bridges as well. That’s Alex Bridges and Nikita Nulikovich of the San Diego Marlins, the next two players on the points list. They’re both part of the same team, once again. They’re on the same line, working the same minutes, same sort of ordeal completely. They’re putting up points, right? But get this. This time around, instead of leading the league in points as a team like the Ottawa Lynx. They’re pushing mid to low tier stats, only 6-5. What a major difference between the two. So, the VHLM currently is not relying on certain superstars to create divide in the standings, because the teams around them are so poorly distributed. That has always been the downfall of the VHLM. It’s always a crapshoot in the end. You’ve got a team in here, one that I am associated with. They’re called the Yukon Rush. Now I know what you’re thinking, even though Gino’s on the team it does not mean the team is going to be incredible. This is just how life is. Zyrok13 and Shields lead the race points wise, but Burrows, Armstrong, and Vin Calla are not far along. The team is rolling along, winning and stringing some games, and they’re a team filled with depth. A team with depth is always a scarier team, this is a fact. Look at Yukon’s front and back. Stacked to the brim with high caliber players. You know a team is scary every time you see it and notice that Gino’s on it. Even a man like Gino, a man who isn’t producing the points like he usually would – he is that caliber of player. His lack of points isn’t a weakness. It’s only a sign of strength, and integrity, letting his teammates piggyback off his great accomplishments. Gino DiGiannantonio has no limits, and he will never quit. Give it time, give it another 30 games. You’ll see a Gino that’s beyond everyone else. THIS IS A GINO POST.