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  1. Alvin Mack walked along the banks of the Potomac River near his hometown in Northern Virginia. He looked out at the waters, his gaze past the Washington Monument and into the even further distance. It was clear that he was searching for something, something he hadn't yet found. It was only a month ago that Mack had agreed to participate in the Victory Hockey League, a bruising winger with a build that could only loosely be compared by Charra of the Boston Bruins of the NHL. Mack was going to break the mold in the VHL. Fast forward to mid-February, and Mack has not only not played in a sin
  2. Player Information Username: pugsood Player Name: Alvin Mack Recruited From: Other (SBA) Age: 19 Position: RW Height: 75 in. Weight: 225 lbs. Birthplace: India Player Page @VHLM GM