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Jerrick Poole's Thoughts on VHLM Draft

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The Season 39 VHLM Dispersal Draft wad held last night with the Ottawa Lynx owning 5 of the first seven picks in an extremely deep draft.  Even before the draft, many saw Ottawa as a favorite to win the VHLM Cup in season 39 with their ability to add five high caliber players.  With these five picks, the Lynx were able to add forwards Akssel Thomassen, Thomas O'Malley, and James Faraday as well as defenseman Jerrick Poole and goaltender Soren Douffet.  This will give the team a strong Boston presence as O'Malley and Poole hail from the Massachusetts capital while Faraday is an Essex native.


One player who was extremely happy with his draft position was Jerrick Poole.  The newcomer to the VHL was claimed off waivers by the Lynx late in season 38 and began to display some real ability that began to gain him some notice around the VHLM.  After being selected sixth overall in the VHLM dispersal draft, everyone could sense Poole's excitement and relief.  "Truly, Ottawa is the place I wanted to be.  They gave me an opportunity right away and with their position heading into this season, there was not a single team that was more attractive to me.  Not many people can say they spent their entire VHLM career with a single team and I don't only think I'll be able to have two seasons of playoff experience under my belt before hopefully heading to the VHL but I think this team has so much potential to do great things this year.  Anything short of a the cup would be disappointment and I can't wait to get this thing started."

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