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Su S76


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What a season it has been for Su. After missing out on the Stats trophy last season by one point to Merrick, Su was gunning for an award. Luckily enough, he was able to not only snag the Stats Trophy that he didn't get last season but he also was able to grab the Campbell this season as well. For the stats trophy, he was neck and neck with both Mikko Lahtinen and Ola Vikingstad for the majority of the season. In the last few games, both Su and Lahtinen were able to pull away from Vikingstad and were constantly switching positions for the lead. During the final 10 game stretch, the largest gap between the two players was no more than 3 points at any time. Fortunately enough for Su, he was able to keep up with Lahtinen and was able to tie him in points with 121. At the end of the season, Su was able to share the trophy with Lahtinen by scoring 47 apples and 74 assists. This performance was also good enough to get Su the Scotty Campbell trophy with an 8 to 2 vote. The other candidate was Lahtinen, but Su was able to come away with the award, due to having less help on his team. Lahtinen had 2 other players, Kris Rice with 105 and Roque Davis with 103, on his team that were in the top 10 points. VAN's second-best scorer on the other hand was Venus Thightrap with 86 points. Despite the difference in supporting casts, some still felt as if Lahtinen deserved the award for his physical play that far outshone Su. Lahtinen had 329 HITS, compared to Su only having 84 HITS. For this reason, Su was outmatched in the Slobo race for most outstanding. Lahtinen had up to 45% of the vote, while Su only had 24%. Su didn't have much of a chance as he was both outhit and outscored by Lahtinen. Su was also able to make the 1st-team all-VHL for the second time in his career to no-ones surprise. 


Despite the regular-season success in both points and awards, Su struggled in the playoffs with only 7 points in 9 games. Despite the struggles, VAN was still able to make it to the second round, and free-agent pickup SS-Hornet was able to prove his worth. Unfortunately, VAN was unable to make it past the second round. Su was also able to make it on to the WC Canada team this time around, which makes it the second time he's been on this team, the first time being in S74. Su played decent in the round-robin with 8 points in 10 games. He played even better in the actual tournament with 6 points in 3 games. Unfortunately, Canada wasn't able to win the gold and lost in OT. 


Hopefully, Su will continue to play as he has and maybe win some more wards in the future. Perhaps one day he'll be able to make the HOF.

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Great work on the article. Goes into depth on your race for an award with the other contenders. Also dives into your players post-season struggles which was a nice touch. Also touched on World Cup games and was very interesting to read on the progress of your player through the season, post season and world cup.


The only changes I would make is to break up the main paragraph as it just looks like a wall of text. I would also add a picture just to give the article a little more depth.


9/10. Great Job!

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