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Off the Ice With Jannik Nylen Episode 1


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 Hey everyone, my name is Jannik Nylen, now a defenseman for the Las Vegas Aces. Off the Ice is basically a series where I'm going to be showing you a brief peek behind the curtains of my time off the ice.


    Today's inaugural episode, we will be going over my move to Las Vegas. It's very, very, very different from Ejsberg. It's like if you cranked up the energy to 11 and also injected more drugs and addiction. However, if you go to the more suburban parts of Vegas that most people don't see, it's actually a very nice place. It's also so incredibly hot that I like to keep inside my apartment. I didn't know heat like this was possible. 


  When I first landed, I was greeted by the manager himself, Jiggly Gumballs. It shows a lot about an organization when the guy who drafted you is there to greet you for the first time. He also picked up some Danish, which I greatly appreciated. It was nice knowing that some others that know my native tongue will be around me. He gave me a tour of the team's facilities, which was nice. The arena is very impressive, easily two times as large as the one we had back in Ejsberg. The practice facility was even large. I'd never seen a private gym that large. I suppose those will be the kind of things to expect with North America. 


  I'm settling in well, and looking forward to debuting for all the fans. Thank you all for reading and I hope to make everyone back home proud!


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