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Remy LeBeau Voodoo Dolls Now 50% Off


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Remy LeBeau Voodoo Dolls Now 50% Off



DAVOS - The Lion King taught us many things: uncles are complete bitchasses, shadowy places are no good, Elton John totally rules and the Circle of Life is legit. Yet another example occurred recently in the ever-trendy business of voodoo dolls. Several years ago in Season 36, voodoo dolls enjoyed a massive surge in popularity after their introduction in the Continental Cup Finals led to a stunning comeback from the HC Davos Dynamo, who won the cup after being down 3-1 in the series. The historic comeback is attributed by some to voodoo dolls like the one seen above, which began to flood arenas with Davos against the wall and legendary goalie Remy LeBeau (who may have been one and the same). 


The dolls would enjoy a resurgence during the next two Continental Cup Finals as the Toronto Legion and HC Davos Dynamo met for three straight years. Neither series was as close as the first one and the dolls did not reach the same level of popularity. But after the HC Davos Dynamo hoisted the cup again in Season 38, Remy LeBeau announced his retirement. The dolls that had seemingly cursed LeBeau and the Legion had now been effectively ended by the very man they sought to destroy. But, as crafty businesspeople are known to do, they have slashed their prices in order to sell off their remaining stock. YOU could be the proud owner of an authentic piece of VHL history for 50% off of the original price!


Remy LeBeau has not commented on whether or not the dolls still affect him, so for goodness' sake, let's not continue to stab the dolls in the testicular sack region. It was one thing to deny him a cup, but it's another thing entirely to keep him from having children.

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